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panDOMO K2 Loft - White thin-bed microcement mortar

Very thin-bed white mortar for floor design. With ARDURAPID effect. Fast drying and walkability. High surface resistance. Tension-free. For interior use.

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Pandomo K2 is a thin-bed mortar for the design of creative indoor flooring surfaces.

Field of application:

Floors. Indoors. It allows the generation of creative and representative surfaces in floors with normal requirements in terms of impact resistance, e.g. boutiques, shops, restaurants, lobbies, hotels, residential areas, showrooms, etc.

Product description:

White powder based on special cements, well dispersible polymers and selected filler materials. When mixed with water, a trowelable, ductile, non-self-levelling mortar is obtained, which can be worked for approx. 20 minutes and after approx. 2 hours can be walked on. The mortar hardens by hydration and drying to such a low-stress material that cracking can be practically ruled out when applied on substrates that meet the requirements of standard 1.

Substrate preparation:

The concrete or cementitious base substrate (with a minimum strength equivalent to CT-C25-F4) or calcium sulphate based substrates (CA-C35-F6) shall be dry, hard, free of cracks and free of dust or other contaminants. The substrate shall be permanently dry. In case of doubt, carry out preliminary tests. To apply PANDOMO K2 in thin coat, the substrate must first be primed with ARDEX EP2000 (multifunctional epoxy resin) and then dusted to saturation with PANDOMO HG (hard-grained sand). This primer ensures ideal adhesion to the substrate and prevents the formation of bubbles. The next day, the excess sand is swept up and vacuumed off.

Flatness requirements:

Due to the low coating thickness (only 2-4mm). PANDOMO Loft requires higher substrate levelling levels (min. DIN 18202, part 3, final surfaces on floors with higher requirements, 3mm for 1 m). Then, if necessary, the entire surface should be levelled with PANDOMO K1. With a minimum thickness of 5 mm (see technical data sheet). After 24 h, these surfaces shall be primed again with EP2000 and sandblasted to saturation with PANDOMO HG, the excess aggregate shall be removed the following day, prior to the application of PANDOMO K2. 

Instructions for use:

Mix 25 kg of PANDOMO K2 with 5 litres of clean water, or water tinted with PANDOMO CC pigment concentrates, in a clean bucket for at least 2 minutes, until a homogeneous, lump-free mortar is obtained. The finished mortar can be used for approx. 20 minutes at temperatures between +18°C and +20°C. Lower temperatures extend these times. Lower temperatures lengthen these times and higher temperatures shorten them. Radiant heating systems must be switched off before applying PANDOMO K2. PANDOMO K2 cannot be applied at temperatures below +10ºC. The mortar is poured in small quantities directly onto the substrate and then applied in a thin layer using a small smooth trowel. The standing mortar can also be applied in a thin layer, using a rubber lip. Subsequently, a 40 cm trowel can be used to smooth and design the surface of PANDOMO K2. The application of the mortar is carried out while backing out of the room, using the trowel to remove marks, small bubbles and other defects that may remain. To achieve a flatter, more even surface, a second layer of mortar can be applied. This two-coat application requires a very streamlined method of application by the applicator. The second coat should be applied as described above after 30-60 minutes (the first coat should still appear wet).


The second coat of PANDOMO K2 cannot be applied over a fully cured coat of PANDOMO K2. During the application of this second coat a homogeneous, smooth and bubble-free surface must be observed. It is very important that there is good lighting in the working area. If working in 2 coats, in order not to leave marks or damage the designed decoration, it is advisable to work with soft rubber-soled shoes and not to deposit heavy buckets on the surface. 


Prior to sealing, the dry surface should be carefully polished using a triple disc sander and a hand sander for edge work (use 60 grit sandpaper).

triple disc sander and a hand sander for edge work (use 60 grit sandpaper). Unfavourable drying conditions may lengthen the waiting time before sealing. By using a white pad on the triple disc (or single disc) sander, dust and loose particles are removed from the surface. Polishing work can be carried out 6 to 12 hours after application of the second coat of PANDOMO K2.


PANDOMO K2 floors. Floors can only be sealed with products from the PANDOMO system, PANDOMO SL (PANDOMO oil) and PANDOMO DMC (dispersion sealer). (See technical data sheets). 

Sealing shall only be carried out on clean, dry and dust-free surfaces.


PANDOMO K2 may not be used outdoors or in permanently wet areas.

Contains cement. It reacts alkaline, so it is necessary to protect skin and eyes. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, consult a doctor. 

Once set, it is physiologically and ecologically harmless.

GISCODE ZP1 = cementitious, low chromate product.

Technical data:

(according to Ardex quality standards):

Mixing ratio: approx. 5.00 l water : 25 kg powder, equals approx. 1 vol. water : 3.25 vol. powder.

Bulk density: approx. 1,2 kg/l

Density of fresh mortar: approx. 1.9 kg/l


Minimum application temperature: approx. 1.5 kg powder per m² and mm +10°C.

Workability (at 20°C): approx. 20 min.

Workability (at 20°C): approx. 2 hours

Compressive strength:

after 1 day approx. 16 N/mm².

after 7 days approx. 23 N/mm².

after 28 days approx. 32 N/mm².

Flexural strength:

after 1 day approx. 4.0 N/mm² after 7 days approx. 6.0 N/mm².

after 7 days approx. 6.0 N/mm² after 7 days approx. 6.0 N/mm².

after 28 days approx. 10.0 N/mm².

Brinell hardness

after 1 day approx. 40.0 N/mm².

after 7 days approx. 55.0 N/mm².

after 28 days approx. 70.0 N/mm².

Slipperiness (Classification according to DIN 51131): R10

Suitable for furniture on castors: Yes

Suitable for underfloor heating / electric heating: Yes / No

pH-range After 1 day 11

Packaging: 25 kg net bags

Storage: Approx. 12 months in dry place in closed original packaging.

Product Details

Single component
25 kg
Drying Time
Drying time
Fast - Ardurapid effect
Marked CE
Quality certificate
ISO 9001 - LLoyds Register Quality Assurance Limited


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