panDOMO SP-SL - Protective Oil

Oil for the protection of pigmented and polished surfaces made with PANDOMO W1, PANDOMO K1 and PANDOMO K2.

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Marcado CE      ISO 9001 

Oil for the protection of pigmented and polished surfaces made with PANDOMO W1, PANDOMO K1 and PANDOMO K2.

Oil and wax based product, preservative free, offering:

  • Silk gloss
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Intensifies colours
  • High performance
  • Water vapour permeable


For indoor use.

This product is used to protect PANDOMO K1, K3 10 / 3.1, K2 and PANDOMO W1, W3 10 / 3.1 pigmented and polished surfaces. Intended for use in areas subject to moderate traffic such as:

  • - Public buildings and private residences.
  • - Museums, exhibition halls
  • - Foyers and salesrooms.


PANDOMO SP-SL is an oil and wax based product.

The surface treatment of PANDOMO K1, K3 10 / 3,1, K2 and PANDOMO W1, W3 10 / 3,1 with PANDOMO SP-SL will achieve a high abrasion resistance and a high waterproofing capacity.


PANDOMO K1, K3 10 / 3.1 and PANDOMO K2:

After installation of PANDOMO K1, K3 10 / 3.1 or K2 you should allow adequate time for drying before sanding; this time may vary slightly depending on environmental conditions, but will be approximately 24 hours. ARDEX recommends the following equipment:

  • - TRIO LÄGLER or similar parquet sander suitable for open areas.
  • - FESTO ROTEX a portable disc grinder for confined areas
  • - A delta grinder for edges and corners.

Sanding should be done consecutively by applying 80, 120 and 150-180 grit sandpaper. After the last sanding operation has been completed, polish the surface using a soft disc. After this, apply the first coat of PANDOMO SP-SL. A new can is recommended for each project shaking well before use.

Please note:

After completion of these treatments the finished floor may be polished with a white or beige pad no sooner than 24 hours after applying the second coat. A subsequent treatment with PANDOMO SP-CR is recommended for normal traffic areas. For high traffic areas a treatment with PANDOMO SP-GS has to be done (please refer to data sheet).

Please note: Surplus oil left on the surface dries and forms hard stains which are then difficult to remove. The use of pad thermo machines with a hot air fan will not only bring a faster final result, but will also allow a better penetration into the surface.


Do not flood the floor during cleaning. Clean the floor wet.

More protection in the first few days will ensure a longer life span.

The floor should be opened to traffic after the oil has fully hardened; this takes 2-3 days (depending on weather conditions).

Cleaning instructions:

PANDOMO PF, see technical data sheet.

PANDOMO W1 or W3 10 / 3.1:

Grinding of PANDOMO W1 or W 3 10 / 3.1 can start once the surface is dry; about 5 hours after installation. We recommend a suitable FESTO ROTEX or eccentric wheel grinder with a grit size of 120 grit sandpaper is used. As an alternative grinding buds from Messrs. Mirka 180 Abranet and 4000 Abralon grid can be used. Impregnation of the substrate and colour intensification is carried out at the same time using an application of PANDOMO SP-SL. This should be applied in a thin layer using a slightly filled sponge.

When using PANDOMO SP-SL for walls always work from the bottom upwards; this will help to reduce oil staining. Any excess material should immediately be removed with a soft, lint-free cotton cloth. Follow the same arm movement as the installation and finishing of the PANDOMO W1 in order to maximise the decorative effects of the structural patterns.

Please note:

Ensure good ventilation during PANDOMO SP-SL curing periods.

Ensure a dust free environment with other trades now working to ensure no contamination of treated surfaces.

Heated floor surfaces may only be lubricated if the low temperature does not exceed 25°C!

Do not use at temperatures below 15 ° C.

Resistance properties:

PANDOMO SP-SL improves the durability of the PANDOMO K1, K3 10 / 3.1, K2 and PANDOMO W1, W3 10 / 3.1 surfaces.

As a general rule for a longer service life, ensure all liquid spills are removed immediately and the floor cleaned as soon as possible.

Not suitable for permanent wet areas.

In order to protect the surface from heavy loads, the

PANDOMO floor surface can, in addition, be filled with

PANDOMO SP-GS Layer 12 hours after the last application of


UV resistance:

PANDOMO SP-SL shows a slight tendency to yellow when exposed to continuous UV light. No softening of the surface takes place.

Cleaning and disposal:

Ensure that all working tools are thoroughly cleaned after use; Brush or white spirit are recommended.

The EG safety data sheet comprises details of disposal.


PANDOMO SP-SL is physiologically safe after application and curing. Ensure good ventilation during installation.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water.

Do not work in the vicinity of naked flames.

The coating is flammable after application and curing.

Technical data

according to ARDEX quality standards:

Specific gravity:

approx. 0.9 kg / l


for PANDOMO K1 or K 3 10 / 3.1 approx. 25 - 50 g / m2 when applied in one coat.

for PANDOMO FloorPlus (PANDOMO K1 + PANDOMO HG sand) approx. 50 - 60 g / m2 when applied in a single coat

for PANDOMO K2 approx. 50 - 60 g / m2 when applied in a single coat

for PANDOMO W1 or W 3 10 / 3,1 approx. 25 - 30 g / m2 when applied in one coat.


1 or 3 litre cans

Classification according to GHS / CLP: no

Classification according to GGVSEB / ADR: no

Storage: can be stored for 12 months in sealed original packaging in a cool, dry place in storage rooms.

Product Details

Single component
1 Lt
Marked CE
Quality certificate
ISO 9001 - LLoyds Register Quality Assurance Limited


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