ISOLCAP FEIN 300 - Lightweight thermo-insulating ready-mixed mortar

ISOLCAP FEIN 300 - Lightweight thermo-insulating ready-mixed mortar

Lightweight, thermo-insulating ready-mixed mortar for the creation of screeds for direct laying of ceramic tiles, textile flooring, floating parquet, etc.


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Field of application:

  • -Lightweight thermo-insulating single-layer mortars for glued finish flooring. Not suitable for direct laying of flexible floorings.
  • -Lightweight, thermo-insulating screeds (with or without slope formation).
  • -Decreasing and filling mortars.
  • -Thermal insulation in roofs (with inclined slopes, flat with or without slope formation).
  • -Indicated for direct laying of prefabricated waterproofing mantles (hot bituminous, cold bituminous, cold synthetic) or solvent-free liquid envelopes.


  • -Special hydraulic binders and selected inert materials pre-dosed at 500 kg/m³.
  • -Virgin expanded polystyrene beads perfectly spherical and with high thermo-insulating power (2 mm), added with a special additive, which allows a perfect mixture, optimum pumping capacity and homogeneous distribution of the beads in the mixture.
  • -Polypropylene fibres.
  • -Special additives.

Preparation of the substrate:

The concrete or cementitious base substrate shall be dry, hard, free of cracks and free of dust or other contaminants.

Porous substrates must be primed with ARDEX P51 according to instructions derived from its technical data sheet, on the other hand, non-porous substrates must be primed with ARDEX P82 (interiors and dry areas) or ARDEX EP2000 seeded with sand in case there may be humidity after the application of the screed.

Directions for use:

Hydrate with clean water at the rate of 10 litres per bag. Mix for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. Can be mixed with a drill, mixer or concrete mixer.

Can be mixed and pumped with: self-levelling mortar pumping machines, plastering machine, auto concrete mixer and concrete pump.


Do not apply at temperatures below +5°C or above +35°C. If application is carried out

If the mortar is to be laid under direct sunlight, a gentle curing of the mortar must be ensured (water spray, wet blankets, etc.).

It is advisable to lay soundproofing perimeter strips that are higher than the height of the finish flooring.

In case of direct laying of the finish flooring (single-layer), please contact the Ardex Cemento Technical Department.

Contains cement. Reacts alkaline, so it is necessary to protect skin and eyes.

In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, consult a doctor.

Once set, it is physiologically and ecologically harmless.

Technical data

  • Mixing ratio 10Lt : 1 sack of powder (1vol. water:7vol. powder)
  • Density Approx. : 515 Kg/m³
  • Compressive strength after 28 days : 2.24N/mm².
  • Flexural strength after 28 days : 0.78N/mm²
  • Thermal conductivity (Lamda) : 0.104W/mK
  • Impact sound reduction (500Hz) : 17dB (thickness 5cm)
  • Water vapour permeability (miu) : 21.04
  • Moisture resistance : rot proof
  • Yield : 13-14 sacks/1m³ of mortar
  • Drying times : (for direct laying of finishing screeds*)
  • Ceramic, stoneware,...- 48h
  • Floating parquet - 5 days
  • Storage : 6 months in its original closed packaging, in a protected, cool and dry place.

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