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panDOMO® W1 - Fine white cementitious stucco for decoration

White cementitious stucco for decorating interior walls and ceilings. Very easy to apply on all types of substrates. Dries quickly. Crack-free even in thick coat. High adhesion. The basis of the PANDOMO® Wall design system.

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 Marcado CE      ISO 9001  

White cementitious stucco for decorating interior walls and ceilings. Very easy to apply on all types of substrates. Dries quickly. Crack-free even in a thick layer. High adhesion. The basis of the PANDOMO® Wall design system.

  • For the creation of decorative surfaces on interior walls and ceilings.
  • On modified cement base
  • Solidifies and dries quickly
  • Tension-free
  • Crack-free even in thick and highly resistant layers
  • Very easy to apply
  • Good adhesion properties
  • High performance
  • Application area:
  • Creation of highly decorative surfaces, e.g. in exhibition rooms, hotel lobbies, public buildings, commercial premises and high-end residential properties.

Product definition:

This is a cement-based white stucco modified with the addition of selected additives and special additives.

The stucco is mixed with water until a ductile mass is obtained which is easy to apply in both thin and thick coats and can be used for approx. 30 minutes.

Once hardened the mortar is inert, virtually stress-free and permeable to water vapour.

Substrate preparation:

Suitable substrates:

  • - concrete
  • - cement and lime cement plasters
  • - gypsum plaster and plasterboard for walls
  • - masonry
  • - gypsum plasterboards
  • - fibre boards for plastering
  • - ceramics
  • - wash-resistant dispersion paints
  • - old latex paints
  • - acrylate paints
  • - acrylic lacquer paints
  • - alkyd resin paints
  • - fibreglass wallpapers, painted

Consult the technical department in case of doubt. The substrates must be dry, load-bearing, free of dust, dirt and other loose particles. All poorly adhering paint must be removed.

All poorly adhering paints, loose plaster and wallpaper must be removed.

Acrylic and alkyd resin paints as well as tile coverings must be pre-treated with a thin layer of PANDOMO W1.

In the case of gypsum wallboard, masonry and all mix primers, such substrates must be primed with ARDEX P51, mixed with water 1:2 or ARDEX P4 all-purpose primer, to prevent colour differences.

Directions for use:

Pour clear water into a clean mixing container and add the required amount of powder until a ductile, lump-free mortar is achieved by vigorous stirring.

Approx. 2.5 litres of water are required to mix 5 kg of PANDOMO W1 powder. At 18-20°C, after a maturation period of 1 to 3 minutes and stirring again, the mortar can be used for approx. 30 minutes.

Apply with a spatula or stainless steel trowel.

Cracks can be filled with PANDOMO W1. Preliminary fillings should be coloured in the desired shade and with a maximum layer thickness of 2 mm.

When the decorative finishing coat is applied it should be at least 2 mm.

Colouring of the stucco:

Ardex recommends PANDOMO CC liquid mineral pigments which can be mixed with the freshly prepared mortar and the preparation water. Coloured preparation water should be used for large surfaces without the formation of a crust.

The different colour formulas are derived from the PANDOMO W1 colour chart and can be adjusted exactly. 

Special colour shades can be prepared by the user himself.

The indications in the colour chart are indicative and may vary depending on the floor, the thickness of the layer and the ambient conditions.

A sufficiently accurate scale (accuracy of 0.1 g is required for correct dosing of the colour concentrates).

PANDOMO W1 - obtaining smooth surfaces:

After 1 hour (at 18-20°C after the application of the filler, the subsequent treatment can be started. The surface is moistened with a damp sponge or sprayer and then smoothed with a stucco or plastic trowel.

Once the mass has dried sufficiently (after approx. 5 hours), the surface should be polished with an eccentric polisher (e.g. Rotex, Festo), using 120 and 180 grit sand paper.

Finally, a protective impregnation is required, which at the same time intensifies the colour, with the mineral oil 

PANDOMO SL. (see technical data sheet).

PANDOMO W1 - obtaining structured surfaces:

PANDOMO can be worked with the usual tools and tools for the realisation of structured surfaces, always within its open time (30 minutes). Also in this case, after the drying time, the surface must be polished and impregnated with PANDOMO SL mineral oil.


The maximum quantity to be added of PANDOMO colour concentrates can be seen in the colour chart. 

Before the execution of creative configurations, it is highly recommended to pay special attention to the substrate and to prepare samples of sufficient size so that the owner can check the result and, if necessary, give his approval.

With PANDOMO W1 it is possible to make creative configurations on the walls of dry areas in bathrooms in the home. It is not recommended for use in the direct splash zone of shower water.

In the case of subsequent restorations, PANDOMO Wl can be applied without any problems on existing surfaces, whether or not they are impregnated with PANDOMO SL.

Contains cement. Alkaline reaction. For this reason, skin and eyes should be protected. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, consult a doctor.

In set state, it is physiologically and ecologically harmless.

Technical data:

(according to Ardex quality standards):

Mixing ratio: Approx. 2.5 litres of water per 5 kg of powder, which corresponds to approx.

1 vol. of water : 1.8 vol. of powder

Density: approx. 0.9 kg/1

Density of the mortar approx. 1 A kg/1 when fresh: 

Consumption: approx. 1.0-1.5 kg of powder per m2 on smooth substrates

Workability: approx. 30 minutes

Compressive strength:

  • after 1 day approx. 4.5 N/mm2
  • after 7 days approx. 8.0 N/mm2
  • after 28 days approx. 13,0 N/mm2

Flexural strength:

  • after 1 day approx. 1.5 N/mm2
  • after 7 days approx. 3.0 N/mm2
  • after 28 days approx. 5.0 N/mm2

Corrosion tendency: Does not contain ingredients that cause corrosion on steel.

Water vapour diffusion coefficient - (according to DIN 53122): ZP1 = product containing cement, with low chromate content

GISCODE: Approx. 210

Packaging: 5 kg bags net. 


Contains no ingredients that cause corrosion on steel. Approx. 12 months in a dry place in its original closed container.

The shelf life of ACRISILSUPREMO is 9 months, in the original closed containers and in an upright position. Storage should be in a dry place between +5º C and +30º C. Protection from frost and direct sunlight and heat sources is required.


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and seek medical advice.

Mixing should be carried out with protective goggles and gloves. These safety precautions must also be observed when applying the product. See safety data sheet for further information. After drying the product is physiologically and ecologically neutral.

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ISO 9001 - DQS Holding GmbH


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