ARDEX R4 - Masilla de reparacion cementosa rápida blanca

ARDEX R4 - Rapid white cementitious repair filler

Rapid white cementitious repair putty for repairing and smoothing walls, ceilings and floors. Filling of cracks, holes, cracks, smoothing of plasterboard joints for the subsequent application of wallpapers, paints, dispersion plasters and any other wall coverings. Use in interiors.

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Efecto Arduraid

Rapid white cementitious repair putty

  • White cement-based.
  • Repair putty with fine plaster characteristics.
  • For use on walls, ceilings and floors.
  • No tensions or cracks.
  • Fast fixing of metal profiles.
  • For layer thicknesses up to 10 mm.
  • Fast curing. Can be smoothed after 45-60 minutes.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Excellent adhesion, adheres to most substrates without primer.
  • need for priming.
  • High performance.
  • Can be applied as a filler for pores and holes as well as in a very thin
  • very thin coat application.
  • Pure white colour.

Field of application:

Patching and smoothing of walls, ceilings and floors for the subsequent application of wallpapers, paints, dispersion plasters and any other wall coverings.

Filling of cracks, deep holes, cracks, smoothing of trowel marks as well as joints in the case of prefabricated panels.

Sealing joints in precast concrete ceilings.

Fast fixing of metal joint profiles or corner profiles. For layer thicknesses up to 10 mm.

For interior use.

Product description:

White powder of special cements, easily redispersible resins, selected fillers and special additives.

The powder is mixed with water until a homogeneous, lump-free putty is obtained which is easy to fill and can be used for approx. 15 minutes.

The mortar dries in 30-45 minutes on absorbent substrates and in 60 minutes on non-absorbent substrates. Laying of any type of lightweight flooring is possible after 60 minutes.

The dry layers have low stresses and are permeable to water vapour.

Substrate preparation:

ARDEX R4 adheres on almost any type of substrate, these must be dry, firm, load-bearing and free of dust, dirt and other disintegrating agents.

Old, poorly adhering and poorly bonded paints, as well as loose plaster and wallpaper must be removed.

Valid substrates:

  • - Concrete.
  • - Cement and lime cement plaster.
  • - Gypsum plaster and plasterboard.
  • - Masonry.
  • - Decorative mineral plaster.
  • - Gypsum boards with fibres.
  • - Ceramic tiles and coverings.
  • - Wash-resistant dispersion paints:
  • - Antique latex-based paints.
  • - Alkyd paints.
  • - Acrylic lacquer paints.
  • - Fibre-reinforced wallpapers.
  • - Existing substrates with adhesive residues and well-adhered self-levelling compounds.
  • - Pressed wood panels.
  • - Natural stone and terrazzo.
  • - Wooden slabs and stairs.
  • - Dry screeds.

Instructions for use:

Pour clear water into a clean mixing container, add the powder and beat vigorously until a homogeneous, creamy mixture is obtained.

Approx. 0.4 litres of water is required to mix with 1 kg of ARDEX R4 powder.

Only the material that can be used for 15 minutes should be prepared.

The mortar can be used for approx. 15 minutes (+20°C) and can be applied immediately in the desired layer thickness up to a maximum of 10 mm.

The mortar layer is scraped off by pressing hard with the trowel to achieve a sufficiently smooth surface for most applications. A subsequent smoothing with a slightly damp sponge can be carried out for approx. 30-45 minutes in order to achieve particularly smooth surfaces.

Higher temperatures reduce setting and post-treatment times, lower temperatures lengthen them.

On non-absorbent substrates a minimum thickness of 1 mm should be applied.

In case of doubt, test surfaces.

ARDEX R4 should be used at temperatures above +5°C and below +30°C.

Important note:

ARDEX R4 must not be used in permanently wet areas.


Contains cement. Reacts alkaline. Therefore skin and eyes should be protected.

In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water. In case of contact with eyes, additionally consult a doctor.

When set, it is physiologically and ecologically harmless.

GISCODE ZP 1 = product with cement content, low in chromate.

Product Details

Single component
Wall, ceiling and floor
Drying time
Fast - Ardurapid effect


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