ARDEX ER GROUT 2-4 - Epoxy water...

ARDEX ER GROUT 2-4 - Epoxy water based tile grout

Epoxy resin mortar for grouting tiles. Grouting epoxy sealing joints from 1 to 6 mm. Very resistant to chemical attack. Very easy to clean. For floors and walls.

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R2T   EC1 Plus  

  • For sealing ceramic tiles, acid-resistant stoneware, slabs and mosaics
  • Resistant to chemicals High mechanical strength
  • Good joint penetration
  • Very easy to clean
  • Solvent free
  • Very low VOC
  • Does not leave a film on the ceramic surface Water vapour permeable
  • Can be used as a ceramic tile adhesive on horizontal surfaces Joint widths from 2 to 4mm
  • Two-component water-based epoxy resin grouting mortar with high mechanical and chemical resistance.

Limited range of colours. Once hardened, ER GROUT 2-4 is both water vapour permeable and impermeable to liquid water and resistant to chemicals, frost and weathering.

The 3 kg unit includes 2 kg resin paste and 1 kg hardener paste.

Field of application:

Indoors and outdoors. On walls and floors.

Grouting of industrial floors, laboratories, warehouses, car parks, hangars, workshops, production and processing areas in slaughterhouses, dairies, industrial kitchens, breweries, etc., as well as commercial premises and buildings for sports and leisure. Grouting of tiles, mosaic and ceramic tiles in swimming pool basins and pools, showers and baths as well as other areas with high chemical or mechanical loads.

For joint widths of 2 - 4 mm.

As a ceramic adhesive on horizontal surfaces.

Technical data

(based on tests carried out in our laboratory according to Ardex quality standards)

  • Mixing ratio: 2 kg resin : 1 kg hardener.
  • Density: Approx. 1.7 kg/litre.
  • Yield: Joints 3 mm wide. Depth 5 mm.
  • For mosaics or tiles of: 5 x 5 cm approx. 1,02 kg/m2 10 x 10 cm approx. 0,51 kg/m2 20 x 20 cm approx. 0,26 kg/m2 30 x 30 cm approx. 0,17 kg/m2 11,5 x 24 cm approx. 0,33 kg/m2
  • Depending on the type of tile and working method, losses due to excess material in the tiles can range from 100 to 200 g/m2.
  • Working time (+20°C): Approx. 60 minutes.
  • Workability (+20°C): Approx. 24 hours.
  • Load break in time (+20°C): Approx. 60 hours.
  • Chemical resistance (+20°C): After 7 days.
  • Packaging: 3 kg pail consisting of 2 kg ER GROUT 24 "resin-based" and 1 kg ER GROUT 24 "hardener".
  • Storage: In dry places, store the cans vertically, do not overturn! Can be stored in closed original packaging for approx. 12 months.

Instructions for use:

Homogenise both components separately before mixing thoroughly and vigorously with a suitable stirrer (e.g. spiral type) at low revolutions for at least 3 minutes until a homogeneous and uniform mortar is obtained.

Partial mixing by volume is not advisable.

After mixing the two components, 1 kg of ER GROUT 24 is workable for 60 minutes at a temperature between 18°C and 20°C. At lower temperatures, this time is extended to 60 minutes. At lower temperatures this working time is extended, at higher temperatures it is reduced.

After mixing components A and B, allow an induction time of about 10 minutes before application. Then pour the material onto the substrate and fill the joints with a hard rubber trowel. After a waiting time of approx.

60 minutes (at +20°C), remove the excess material with a stiff sponge and cold water. The surface is then smoothed and finished with a white or orange pad.

the surface with a white or orange pad.

Under no circumstances should thinners, solvents or water be added to the mixture.

Residual streaks on the tiles should be avoided.

In case of doubt, carry out a test beforehand.


Structured tiles and tiles with porous surfaces may show residual haze after joint sealing. Test on an inconspicuous surface and heed manufacturers' warnings.

Excess material should not be picked up with hot water. No thinners, solvents or water should be used to adjust the consistency of the mortar.

Work tools should be cleaned with water and a brush before the mortar hardens.

All ARDEX products are manufactured under strict quality controls and procedures. Even so, it is recommended, where colour consistency is essential, that the products used are from the same batch.


Always use ER GROUT 24 with ambient and/or substrate temperatures not lower than +8°C and not higher than +30°C.

+30°C. Nor can it be applied when the ambient humidity exceeds 85%. If the pot-life is exceeded, the mixed product loses its characteristics and must be discarded.

Resistance to chemicals and water immersion is reached after approximately 7 days.

ER GROUT 24 white may show a slight tendency to yellow. In cases of contact with strongly coloured substances, e.g. coffee, tea, fruit juices and others, colour changes cannot be ruled out.


Hardener: Contains amines. Harmful if swallowed. Harmful in contact with skin. Causes severe skin burns and eye damage. May cause allergic skin reaction. May cause respiratory tract irritation. Toxic to aquatic organisms, causing long lasting effects.

Resin: Contains epoxy components. Irritating to skin. May cause allergic skin reaction. May cause serious damage to eyes. Toxic to aquatic organisms, causes long-term effects.

Resin and hardener: Avoid release to the environment. Wear protective gloves and goggles. Avoid breathing vapours/aerosols.

IN CASE OF EYE CONTACT Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if victim is wearing them. Continue rinsing. IN CASE OF SKIN CONTACT: Wash with plenty of soap and water. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse.

If applied indoors, ensure good ventilation of the room.

After drying the product is physiologically and ecologically neutral.

Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local/regional/national/international regulations.

Product Details

Epoxy joints
Indoor and outdoor
Epoxy resin
Floor and wall
Normative UNE
UNE 13888 RG
EC1 Plus
Minimum joint thickness
2 mm
Maximum joint thickness
4 mm


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