ARDEX E90 - Adhesion and Flexibility Enhancing Additive

Concentrated acrylic dispersion to increase adhesion and flexibility of adhesives. Maximum safety in the installation of large formats on facades.

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Concentrated acrylic dispersion to increase the adhesion and flexibility of adhesives. Maximum safety in the placement of large formats on facades.

Field of application:

Ardex E90 is a synthetic resin dispersion for use with Ardex X7G, Ardex S16 and Ardex S20 adhesives. It must be diluted with the same volume of water for mixing with the mortar (quantities detailed in the technical data sheet of the respective adhesive). The addition of Ardex E90 increases the tensile strength, deformability and water repellent characteristics of the cured adhesive. The workability, slip resistance and open time of the original adhesive remain unchanged.

The use of this improved mortar is particularly effective in the following situations:

  • -laying of low porosity tiles.
  • -laying tiles on glossy surfaces
  • -improving protection to moisture sensitive substrates, when coating bathrooms, kitchens....

Instructions for use:

The preparation of the substrate must be followed according to the technical data sheets of the cementitious adhesive to be used, except, if they are glossy surfaces that do not require priming.

In a clean container, dilute the Ardex E90 product with an equal quantity of water, according to the ratio described in the adhesive to be used. Add the mortar and stir until a homogeneous, flexible and lump-free mixture is obtained.

Apply the mortar according to the description in its technical data sheet.

Work at temperatures above 5°C.


Aqueous dispersion of synthetic resin. In case of contact, wash thoroughly with water before it dries completely.

In case of eye contact, also consult a doctor.

Wear appropriate protective equipment, e.g. safety glasses.


Consult the data sheets of the cementitious adhesive with which it is to be mixed.

Mixing ratio 1:1 with water

Packaging: 4.5 kg canisters

Storage: Approx. 12 months in sealed original container and protected from frost.

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