ARDEX X7W - White flexible adhesive for low porosity materials

White flexible cement-based adhesive in thin film with high workability, very suitable for low porosity materials. White colour. Exterior and interior. Complies with EN 12004 C2 TE S1.

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C2TES1   EC1   Marcado CE


The BS EN 12004 C2TES1 designation for ARDEX X 7G and ARDEX X 7 W classifies the adhesives as 'improved deformable cementitious adhesive with reduced slip and extended opentime.' The additional characteristics forARDEX X 7G and ARDEX X 7 W determined in accordance with BS EN 12004, are a tensile adhesion strength of greater than 1N/mm² as an initial adhesion value, greaterthan 1 N/mm² after water immersion, greater than 1 N/mm² after heat aging, and greaterthan 1 N/mm² after freeze thaw cycling, making this product suitable for internal and external locations, including swimming pools. The mixed mortar has a slump free consistency with high initial grab, enabling heavy wall tilesto be fixed, thus reducing the need for batten sand spacers. ARDEX X 7 G and ARDEX X 7 Wad here strongly to most construction materials such as concrete, cement and sand rendersand screeds, heated sub-floors, brickwork and block work, gypsum plaster, anhydrite screeds, plasterboard and existing ceramic tiled surfaces.

ARDEX X7G and ARDEX X 7 W can also beused for bonding rigid foam insulating materials, e.g. polystyrene, polyurethane, etc. For fixingtiles to internal wooden floors, consult the ARDEX X7001 product data sheet. Due regard should also be given to the recommendations in the relevant parts of BS 5385 and sections of: BS 8000 : Part 11. ARDEX X7G andARDEX X 7 W can be used to fix tiles toconcrete or cement/sand screeds with under-floor heating.


  • Excellent workability and slump resistance
  • 5-hour pot life
  • Ideal for almost all tile types including non-moisture sensitive natural stone
  • Suitable for wall and floor applications
  • Suitable for internal and external areas
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating


ARDEX X7G and ARDEX X7W are versatile multipurpose tile adhesives, with enhanced properties of adhesion, suitable for fixingceramic, porcelain, glass mosaics, and most non-moisture sensitive natural stone floor and wall tiles. ARDEX X7G and ARDEX X 7 W are frost and weather resistant, and can be used internally and externally as well as in wet area sand swimming pools.

Surcface preparation

The backgrounds and surfaces to receive tilesmust be clean, firm, free of dust, dirt, oil, grease and other barriers to adhesion, as well as being strong enough to support the weight of the tiles being fixed. 

Ensure that the background has adequate drying time, as given in the relevant part ofBS 5385, and is correctly primed, whererequired, prior to fixing the tiles.Install tiles in accordance with the relevant parts of BS 5385 and BS 8000: Part 11 Workmanshipon Building Sites.

Backgrounds to receive ceramic tiles shouldbe finished so any gap under a 2m straightedge does not exceed 3mm (SurfaceRegularity 1). ARDEX X7G and ARDEX X 7Wcan be applied to dry or moist surfaces, butmoisture sensitive materials must remain dryafter tiling.

ARDEX WPC Waterproof Protection Coating System can be used prior to tiling to create a waterproof protective coating that guarantees the prevention of water damage to floors andwalls, by protecting moisture sensitive backgrounds in wet locations.

ARDEX X7G and ARDEX X 7 W must be used with the addition of ARDEX E 90 Mortar Admix (3.6kg), to fix tiles in swimming poolsor in external locations. If swimming pools require tanking prior totiling, consider the use of ARDEX S 7 PLUS. Extruded or keyed back tiles fixed in these locations, do not require the use of ARDEX E 90.


Add the ARDEX X7G and ARDEX X 7W powder to water in a clean container, whilst stirring and mixing thoroughly to give a slump-free, easily worked mortar. The use of an ARDEX mixing paddle with a10mm chuck, variable speed electric drill, makes light work of mixing. The mixing proportions by volume are:-Approximately 21/2parts ARDEX X7G orARDEX X7W powder: 1 part water. A 20kg bag of ARDEX X7G or ARDEX X7Wrequires approximately 6 litres of water. The consistency of the adhesive can beadjusted to suit site conditions and the materials being fixed, but must always beslump-free. The pot life of the mixed mortar is approximately 5 hours at normal temperatures (20°C). The mortar should be applied at temperatures above 5°C.


The mixed adhesive is applied to the preparedsurface with a trowel, and then combedthrough with a suitably sized notched trowelin straight ribs to give a ribbed mortar bed.The tiles should be fixed within the open timeof the applied adhesive, and pressed intoplace with a twisting and sliding action to achieve the required contact. For tiling towalls in dry internal locations, the adhesive contact should be with at least 50% of theback of the tile. For maximum performance,at least 80% adhesive contact to the back ofthe tile should be achieved. 

When tiling to all floors, and in wet areas, suchas showers and swimming pools, or in externallocations, achieving a solid bed usually requiresthe backs of the tiles to be buttered immediately prior to placing into the ribbed bed, so no void sare left beneath the tiles.

The size of the notched trowel chosen depends on the tile size, the surface being tiled, the profile on the back of the tile and the degree of coverage required.

ARDEX X 7 G and ARDEX X 7 W are classified as having an extended open time of not less than 30 minutes when measured in accordance with BS EN 12004.

For optimum performance under typical UK site conditions, tiles should be fixed within 20 minutes, and can be adjusted for up to 10 minutes at 20°C. For areas that need rendering, the use of ARDEX AM100 rapid hardening render, which will allow tiling to commence after only 2 hours at 20°C, should be considered.


Grouting can proceed once the tile bed hashardened sufficiently so that the tiles will not be dislodged. When grouting wall tiles,ARDEX X 7 G and ARDEX X 7 W are normallyhard enough after 8 hours at 20°C, dependingon the porosity of the tile and the background. When grouting floor tiles ARDEX X 7 G and ARDEX X 7 W are normally hard enough after24 hours at 20°C to accept foot traffic depending on the porosity of the tile and the back ground. Higher temperatures will shortenand lower temperatures will lengthen thesetimes. 

The tile joints should be grouted with the appropriate ARDEX-FLEX Tile Grout or ARDEXEG 8 PLUS Epoxide Tile Grout where chemical resistance and hygienic joints are required.


ARDEX P 51 Concentrated Water-Based Primer and Bonding Agent for use on absorbent backgrounds, plaster and anhydrite screeds prior to the use of ARDEX X7G or ARDEX X7W. Dilute ARDEX P51 1:3 with water.

ARDEX P4 Ready Mixed, Multipurpose, Rapid Drying Primer for use on ceramic and porcelain tiles,concrete and terrazzo. ARDEX P4 Primer is solvent free, and dries after 60 minutes. It is suitable for use in dry, damp or wet (not sub merged) internal and external locations.

ARDEX P 82 Non-Flammable, Water-Based Synthetic Primer for use on smooth impervious surfaces including existing ceramic tiling, internal asphalt, terrazzo, timber walls, sound and well adhered paint coatings and old adhesive residues, priorto the use of ARDEX X7G or ARDEX X7W. 

Mix ratio:

ARDEX X7G plus:

Approx. 9 3/4 l of water: 25 kg of powder which is equivalent to 1 vol. of water: 2 1/4 vol. of dust.

ARDEX X7W plus: Approx. 9 1/2 l of water: 25 kg of powder which is equivalent to 1 vol. of water: 2 vol. of dust


Ardex X7G Plus: 1.2 kg / l

Ardex X7W Plus: 1.3 kg / l

Fresh mortar density:

1.6 kg / l

Performance: On smooth substrates:

Approx. 1.1 kg / m2 with 3x3x3 notched trowel

Approx. 2.1 kg / m2 with 6x6x6 notched trowel

Approx. 2.8 kg / m2 with 8x8x8 notched trowel

Workability (20 ° C):

Approx. 5 hours (20 ° C).

Laying time (20 ° C): (open time)

Approx. 30 minutes.

Correction time:

Approx. 20 - 25 minutes.


Approx. 24 hours (20 ° C).

Grouting walls:

Approx. 8 hours (20 ° C).

Tensile strength:

After 28 days: dry / wet: 1.0 - 1.7 N / mm2

After 28 days: freeze / thaw cycle: 1.0 - 1.5 N / mm2

Transverse deformation (according to EN12002):

> 2.8 mm.

Suitable for floors with radiant heating:



25 kg bags.


Approx. 12 months in dry places and in its original closed container.

Product Details

Indoor and outdoor
Single component
Floor and wall
Normative UNE
UNE 12004 C2 TE S1
UNE 12004 - Type
C - Cementitious adhesive
UNE 12004 - Adherence
C2 - High adhesion
UNE 12004 - Drying time
Normal drying
UNE 12004 - Slipping
T - Reduced slip
UNE 12004 - Open time
E - Long open time
UNE 12004 - Deformability
S1 - Deformable
Drying time
Marked CE
Quality certificate
ISO 9001 - LLoyds Register Quality Assurance Limited


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