ARDEX A826 - 5 kg

ARDEX A826 - Wall and Ceiling Smoothing Putty

Putty for smoothing walls, filling cracks and fissures in walls and ceilings. Interior.


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Marcado CE

Field of application:

To achieve flat, smooth surfaces on walls and ceilings and make them ready for wallpapering, plastic paints, varnishes, undercoats or any other decorative technique.

For filling cracks, holes, sealing joints, fixing plasterboard, fixing brackets, installations, cupboards and attaching cornices.

Particularly suitable for regularising walls, giving an extraordinary smoothness to the substrate. This product can be pigmented with panDOMO® CC pigments for decorative finishes. ARDEX A826 is also ideal for preparing substrates on which to finish lacquered systems with paint and highly decorative finishes such as marbling, veining, etc.

Interior use.


White powder based on modified synthetic gypsum.

When mixed with water, a soft, pasty mortar is obtained which, when hardened, adheres to all types of porous substrates, whether masonry, concrete, cement, lime, plaster, cement plaster or building boards.

ARDEX A826 has a high filling capacity, does not sag and can be applied in layers several cm thick in a single coat.

ARDEX A826 is a breathable and neutral material and is therefore suitable as a substrate for subsequent painting or gluing.

Preparation of the substrate:

The substrate must be rough, dry, hard and free of dust, dirt or other disintegrable elements.

Eliminate wallpapers, not very resistant paints and loose plaster.

Lacquers, oils, varnishes and similar substrates must be cleaned of waxes and grease before application.

All smooth, non-porous surfaces must be pre-primed with ARDEX P82, synthetic resin or ARDEX P4. Porous surfaces should be treated with ARDEX P51, primer diluted with water 1:3.

Directions for use:

Pour clear water into a container and mix the powder, stirring vigorously. Wait 1 minute and stir again until a homogeneous, creamy mixture is obtained.

To mix 25 kg of ARDEX A826, approximately 17.5 litres of water are needed.

After a rest time of approximately 1 to 3 minutes, stir again. The mortar is ready for application within 1 hour.

ARDEX A826 hardens, depending on the thickness, porosity of the substrate and ambient temperature, within 1-2 hours after application on a crack-free substrate. Subsequent sanding is not necessary.

Small irregularities can be corrected with a wet sponge or sanded after drying.

In case of doubt, carry out a preliminary test.

Always work ARDEX A826 at temperatures above 5°C.


A second coat to reinforce the first coat applied is normally not necessary.

However, in order to avoid uneven drying of the paint, depending on the hiding power of the paint, an undercoat can be applied.

It is advisable to use high quality plastic paints. Even when applied as a thin coat, ARDEX A826 produces a surface that is resistant to water and solvents and is not affected by the usual wallcovering adhesives or wallpaper glue. Surfaces made of ARDEX A826 make wallpapering or painting easier and better. In case of plastering for subsequent application of your non-porous, waterproof coating, e.g. in bathrooms, we recommend the use of ARDEX F11.

Technical data

  • Mixing ratio: 17.5 litres of water : 25 kg of powder.
  • This represents 1 vol. of water : 1 3/4 vol. of powder approx. 
  • Density: Approx. 0.8 Kg/litre.
  • Density of the mortar when fresh: Approx. 1.5 Kg/litre.
  • Yield: Approx. 0.9 kg of powder/m²/mm.
  • Working time (20°C): Approx. 60 minutes.
  • Painting and gluing: Approx. 3 hours
  • Compressive strength: After 28 days approx. 8 N/mm².
  • Flexural strength: After 28 days approx. 4 N/mm².
  • pH-value: Approx. 8
  • Packaging: 25 kg and 5 kg bags.
  • Storage: Approx. 12 months in a dry place in closed original packaging.

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Single component
Synthetic plaster
Wall and ceiling
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