ARDEX R6E - Grease and oil resistant epoxy primer

Two-component, solvent-free epoxy primer, resistant to grease and oil contamination. Easy to apply. Indoors and outdoors. Suitable as a primer for grease and oil contaminated substrates. For use on ARDEX polyurethane, epoxy or cementitious systems.

Coverage: Approx. 250 g/m2 per coat.

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Product description:

ARDEX R6E is a two-component, solvent-free epoxy primer, resistant to contamination by grease and oil.

  • Easy to apply.
  • Indoors and outdoors.
  • Suitable as a primer for grease and oil contaminated substrates.
  • For use on polyurethane, epoxy or cementitious ARDEX systems.

Area of application:

Primer on concrete or cementitious surfaces contaminated with grease or oils prior to the installation of epoxy, polyurethane or ARDEX polyurethane-cement coatings. Also suitable for use with cementitious self-levelling systems or other suitable cementitious ARDEX products (ARDEX IFS / IFS MIX, ARDEX K80), in this case, sandblast to saturation with ARISIL (silica aggregate 0.7 mm).

Preparation of the substrate:

The surface to be primed must be mechanically prepared beforehand, it must be clean and free of loose elements. Any repairs to the substrate must be carried out prior to the application of the primer.

Once the substrate has been prepared, the surface must be degreased with ARDEX DGR degreaser, taking special care to mechanically remove any excess wax, grease or oil that may be present.

The ARDEX DGR can be applied using a brush or broom, left to act for 3-4 minutes and then rinsed off using a damp mop.

It may be necessary to apply the degreaser more than once. If the contamination is not too severe, ARDEX DGR can be applied diluted 1:5-1:10 with clean water.

Once the substrate has been degreased, ARDEX R6E can be applied directly to the still wet substrate (avoiding any accumulation of water).

On heavily grease and oil contaminated substrates it may be necessary to use burners in combination with mechanical preparation and the use of ARDEX DGR prior to the use of ARDEX R6E.


The products are dosed in the correct proportions in their original containers. The hardener (component B) is added to the resin (component A) and mechanically mixed with a spiral rod at low speed to a uniform consistency. It is important that the components are thoroughly mixed.

The mixture should be applied immediately, and has a workability time of 20 min at 20°C. The workability time is reduced to 20 min.

The workability time is reduced at high temperatures and extended at low temperatures. It is recommended that at high temperatures, the product is poured onto the substrate immediately after mixing, because having an exothermic reaction, the heat inside the container, would still further reduce the workability time.


Apply at temperatures above 10ºC.

ARDEX R6E should be applied by short/medium nap roller, brush or rubber lip. It is recommended to apply one or more coats to obtain a uniform surface, depending on the porosity of the substrate.

If more than one coat is to be applied, it shall be applied after a minimum of 8 hours and a maximum of 24 hours.

Cleaning of tools:

Cleaning: all tools should be cleaned with ARDEX RTC before the resin has hardened.


May irritate eyes and skin and may cause sensitisation by contact.

Do not ingest.

During mixing and application it is recommended that adequate ventilation is provided and that contact with skin and eyes, nose or mouth is avoided.

Avoid contact with hands, using gloves and a suitable protective cream. Take care of personal hygiene by washing hands at the end of work or after each break, as long as work is not continued. Care should be taken when removing gloves so as not to contaminate the inside of the gloves. In case of accident, consult a doctor.

For further information, please refer to the product safety data sheet.

Technical data

(based on tests carried out in our laboratory according to current regulations)

  • Appearance: Viscous liquid
  • Workability (20ºC): Approx. 20 min.
  • Coverage: Approx. 250 gr/m2 per coat
  • Time between coats: 
  • min. : 8 h
  • max.: 24 h
  • Light traffic: 48 h
  • Total cure: 7 days
  • Application: Rubber lip, short pile roller.
  • Mixing ratio (by weight) 5 A : 3 B
  • Packaging: Packs of 8 kg A+B
  • Storage: approx. 12 months in dry place in original packaging.

Product Details

Indoor and outdoor
Epoxy resin
Floor and wall
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