ARDEX R10P - Polyurethane mortar for floor and wall joints

Polyurethane mortar for half-barrels and walls. Maximum cleanliness, suitable for food processing and storage areas, slaughterhouses, beverage production, dairies, etc.

Consumption approx. 2 Kg/m²/mm thickness.

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  • Gray
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ISO 9001

For finishing walls and half-finishes based on polyurethane resin which combines outstanding wear properties with high chemical resistance as well as decorative aspects. Ideally suited for aggressive areas where a seamless finish is required and maximum cleanliness is essential. Food processing and storage, slaughterhouses, beverage production, dairies, high throughput plants and walkways are just some of the environments that can benefit from this system.

  • High performance.
  • Four components in pre-metered packages
  • For coatings from 0 to 12 mm.
  • Abrasion resistant and extremely durable.
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and liquids.
  • Seamless: for easy cleaning and hygiene.
  • Resistant to thermal shock: with a thickness of 9 mm it can be steam cleaned.

Technical data:

  • Shelf life inside the container: Approx. 10 minutes
  • Light traffic zone: Approx. 24 hours
  • Dense traffic zone: Approx. 48 hours
  • Complete chemical treatment: 7 days
  • Adhesive strength: > 1,5 N/mm2
  • Compressive strength: Approx. 45 N/mm2
  • Flexural strength: Approx. 11 N/mm2
  • Tensile strength: Approx. 5 N/mm2
  • Yield: Approx. 2 Kg/m2/mm2

Substrate preparation:

The substrate must be hard, solid and free of dust or other barrier materials such as paint, lime residues, mortar, plaster, adhesive residues, etc., which may impair adhesion to the substrate.

All vertical surfaces must be of rigid construction to resist deflection during the application process.

Wax, grease, oil and similar contamination must be removed prior to mechanical treatment. Contaminated substrates must be mechanically treated by sanding or similar and vacuumed before applying ARDEX R10P in conjunction with ARDEX R8P primer.

Any joints or cracks in the substrate, where differential movement is expected, e.g. expansion joints, should be brought up to the finishing surface.


All substrates must first be primed with ARDEX R8P. Depending on the condition and porosity of the substrate, one or more coats may be required.

Mixing process:

First mix parts A and B of the ARDEX R10P components for 1 minute using a suitable mixer inside an appropriately sized container. Mix the pigment.

Then, the contents of part C, powder component, should be introduced into the resin mixture and mixed together for about 2 minutes more, until a homogeneous mass is created.


As soon as the adhesive layer has reached the required consistency, the mixed material should be applied without delay to the prepared and primed substrate using a suitable trowel to achieve the desired thickness and profile.

Do not overload the surface and do not mix more material than can be used within the valid application time.

During the application process and initial curing time, the work area must be protected to ensure that no airborne residues can contaminate the wet resin, as these will cause unwanted staining of the cured and treated surface.

All movement joints in the substrate must be raised to the wall plaster and sealed accordingly.

Construction joints not subject to movement can be covered but if the substrate should nevertheless move, these defects will be reflected through the wall and ceiling plaster. Insulation joints should be allowed for in areas where strong thermal shocks are expected, e.g. around cookers and freezers.


ARDEX R10P should only be applied at temperatures above +10°C and below +30°C.

Substrates must be dry and without evaporation. Concrete or other cementitious substrates must have a strength of at least 1.5 N/mm2. ARDEX R10P can be applied on substrates of lower strength but the long-term performance may be affected. As soon as the mixed material has exceeded its shelf life in the container, the viscosity and characteristics of the product will change and any unused product should be discontinued at that time.

Tool cleaning:

ARDEX R10P can be removed from tools and equipment by applying ARDEX TOOL CLEANER (RTC cleaner) immediately after use. If the material has already hardened, it will need to be removed mechanically.

Chemical resistance:

ARDEX R10P is resistant to a wide range of liquids and chemicals. For more specific information, please consult our technical department.


Storage should be in a dry place between +5° C and +30° C. Protection against frost and direct sunlight is required. Keep the product for 6 months in the original closed containers.

Precautionary measures:

During mixing and application, the following precautionary measures should be observed: ensure adequate ventilation and avoid contact of the material with eyes, nostrils, mouth and unprotected skin. Avoid contact with hands by wearing protective gloves and, if necessary, applying a suitable protective cream.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice, and in case of contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water (do not use solvents). Prolonged skin contact should be avoided, especially when the user has an allergic reaction to epoxy materials. Always wear gloves and, if necessary, eye and face protection. Observe personal hygiene, especially hand washing after finishing work or following any interruption during the work process. Care should also be taken when removing gloves to avoid contamination of the inside of the gloves. In the event of an accident, consult a doctor.

Refer to the current health and safety data sheet for the latest information.


Spillage of any of the component products should be absorbed with sand or other inert material and directed to a suitable container for this type of waste. Disposal of spills or empty containers should be in accordance with local authority regulations for waste disposal.

Refer to the current health and safety data sheet for further details.

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