ARDEX R8P - Prolonged tack polyurethane primer

ARDEX R8P is a special extended tack primer for ARDEX R10P. It offers excellent adhesion and is suitable for use on concrete, brick and general building stones.

Coverage: Approx. 250 g/m2 per coat.

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ARDEX R8P is a "tacky" coating specially formulated for use with ARDEX R10P (walls and half-timbers). ARDEX R8P offers excellent adhesion and is suitable for use on concrete, brick and general building stones, etc. Where surfaces are very porous, the first coat of ARDEX R8P should be allowed to dry before applying the next coat. Vertical surfaces should be of rigid construction, to resist deflection during the application process.


All surfaces must be prepared and mechanically cleaned with sufficient care to ensure good mechanical grip and adhesion.

ARDEX R8P is supplied in a two-component presentation, component A and component B. The entire contents of components A and B should be mixed in a clean bucket using a slow speed spiral mixer.

The mixed product has a limited working time and should therefore be applied without delay to the substrate using a brush or a short to medium length nap roller. One or more coats may be necessary to compensate for surface porosity. ARDEX R10P should be applied when the adhesive layer has developed sufficient "tackiness", to prevent the wall plaster from slipping or sagging.


Store under dry conditions between +5° C and +30° C. Protect from frost and sun exposure. Can be stored for at least 6 months in its original closed container.


The following precautionary measures must be observed during mixing and application: ensure adequate ventilation and avoid contact of the material with eyes, nostrils, mouth and unprotected skin. Avoid contact with hands by wearing protective gloves and, if necessary, using a suitable protective cream.

In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water and consult a doctor, and in case of skin contact, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water (do not use solvents). Prolonged skin contact should be avoided, especially when the user has an allergic reaction to epoxy materials. Always wear gloves and, if necessary, eye and face protection. Observe personal hygiene, especially hand washing after finishing work or following any interruption in the work process. Care should also be taken when removing gloves to avoid contamination of the inside of the gloves. In the event of an accident, consult a doctor.

Refer to the current health and safety data sheet for the latest information on health and safety.

Technical data

  • In use time: 20 minutes at +20°C.
  • Open time: 8 hours at +20°C.
  • Workability at 20°C: 6 - 8 hours.
  • Coverage: 300 g/m2
  • Packaging: 3,443 Kg (components A+B).

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