ARDEX WSZ 32,5 - High Strength Fast Cement 32,5 R-SF

High-strength quick setting cement. For making high initial and final strength mortars on site. Workable after 2 hours. Exterior and interior.

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High-strength quick cement. For making high initial and final strength mortars on site. Passable after 2 hours. Exterior and interior.

Field of application:

For the production of initial strength mortars intended for the fixing of dowels and anchors for load-bearing constructions, with the obligation of approvals by the building inspectorate. For example: facade cladding, roof elements, handrails, scaffolding supports, window sills, stair stringers, sanitary installations, stair treads, heaters, suspended ceilings, shelving, ceiling cladding, etc.

For the processing of concrete and mortars for the repair of concrete and reinforced concrete construction elements according to DIN 1045, which are not exposed to temperatures exceeding the usual and natural climatic conditions. For example: columns, façade elements, beams, road surfaces, runways, roof slabs, tunnel components, wall discs, precast concrete parts of all kinds, concrete slabs, etc.

For the early initial strength of the concrete or mortar, it allows the elimination of forms and formwork, as well as the transport of prefabricated parts after only 2 - 4 hours. The production of concrete and mortar with rapid hardening for laying work and fixing measures for: pipes, gate posts, rails, sign posts, bars, foundations, posts, wall and floor tiles, supports, pavement slabs, gate fastenings, etc. For the production of quickly walkable screeds in outdoor and wet areas. Outdoor and indoor use.

Instructions for use:

ARDEX WSZ 32,5 R - SF Rapid Cement is processed as usual in concrete and mortar technology. It is prepared with water and hardens both in air and under water and remains hard even under water. Prior to the application of the dowel mortar as well as the concrete and due to the short setting time, it must be ensured by means of preliminary tests that the mortar or concrete can be applied and compacted correctly under the existing conditions. The differences in use compared to standard cements are as follows:

With the same expansion test, slightly less water is required. Short solidification time.

High initial strength, even at low temperatures.

The use of concrete admixtures can have effects other than those specified by the concrete admixture's action group. Therefore, these admixtures should only be used if they have a test mark from the German Institute for Construction Technology to prove their effectiveness with ARDEX WSZ 32.5 R -SF rapid cement and if the required suitability tests in accordance with DIN 1045 have been carried out in individual cases.

Due to the rapid setting of ARDEX WSZ 32.5 R - SF cement after the addition of water, the mixing time should be as short as possible to achieve a homogeneous mass of concrete and mortar. As a rule, 1 to 2 minutes is sufficient. Within the specified mixing time, further handling of the ready-mixed concrete and mortar mixture, such as emptying the mixer, transporting it to the site of use and placing the fresh concrete, as well as finishing, compacting, levelling, smoothing and rubbing off the residues, must be carried out. Remnants of the concrete mix must be removed immediately from the mixer.


Temperatures above 20°C accelerate solidification. In such cases, the mixture should be mixed with cold raw materials, especially cold water.

Low temperatures have so little influence on the onset of solidification that the initial strength of the concrete and mortar mixture is achieved quickly, even at temperatures below 10°C.

During setting, and for a short time, ARDEX WSZ 32.5 R - SF cement produces a high heat of hydration which can influence the course of solidification when dealing with larger cross-sections.


Contains cement. Irritating to skin. Danger of serious damage to eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. During work, wear suitable protective gloves and goggles or face shield.

Once dry, it has no physiological or ecological effects.

Giscode ZP1 = product containing chromate-poor cement.

Technical data

-Mixing ratio: Approximately 1.1-1.15 kg/litre.

-Grinding fineness: Specific surface area, according to Blaine, corresponds to EN196, Part 3, 5300 ±500 cm2/g.

-Density of the mortar when fresh: Approx. 1.6 Kg/litre.

Start of solidification: According to EN196, Part 3, at least after 20 minutes.

-Yield: 300 - 400 Kg/m3

-Compressive strength of standard mortar, according to EN 196, Part 1:

    After 2 hours approx. 4 N/mm2.

    After 1 day approx. 16 N/mm2

    After 2 days approx. 23 N/mm².

    After 7 days approx. 34 N/mm2

    After 28 days approx. 45 N/mm2 After 90 days approx. 47 N/mm2

-Compressive strength of concrete cubes, 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 cm, according to DIN 1048, at 20°C and 65 % relative humidity, when stored


    After 2 hours approx. 12 N/mm2

    After 7 hours approx. 15 N/mm2

    After 1 day approx. 26 N/mm2

    After 2 days approx. 34 N/mm2

    After 7 days approx. 46 N/mm2

    After 28 days approx. 55 N/mm2

-Packaging: 25 kg bags.

-Storage: Approx. 12 months in a dry place in its original closed packaging.

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