ARDEX P52 - Low-emission pore-covering primer

Solvent-free synthetic resin primer with very low emission EC1, adhesion bridge and pore sealer for porous and non-porous substrates. For indoor use. 

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Field of application:

For interior floors.

Primer, first coat, bonding and pore sealing, with water-repellent action.

- For bonding different materials, fixing of residual dust and dust-emitting substrates, e.g. polished and absorbent screeds and anhydrite screeds (calcium sulphate screeds).

- Primer for cementitious substrates and concrete floors

- Bonding agent on smooth concrete floors, especially waterproof cement floors and on pressed wood panels.

- Adhesion bonding agent for anhydrite, terrazzo, sandstone, tile and tiled floors. 

Leaves the substrate ready for subsequent application of the self-levelling mortar.

Acting as a pore-cover for absorbent substrates, ARDEX P52 prevents the following:

- the rising of air bubbles from subsequent applications

- the loss of water from subsequent applications

Product description:

Green dispersion composed of solvent-free synthetic resins with very low emission, which stops water infiltration prior to drying.

Primer and pore sealer

Soil preparation

The ground must be dry, firm and free of dust and loose particles.

Instructions for use:

Pour ARDEX P52 into a clean container and mix with the amount of water indicated in the mixing ratio. 

Spread the first coat evenly by brush, brush or roller and allow to dry to a thin film before proceeding with further work.

The minimum floor temperature must be > + 10 ºC.

Material consumption:

Mixing ratio:

1 part ARDEX P52 : 1/2 part water approx. 200 g ARDEX P52/m 2.


The application of ARDEX P52 is not recommended outdoors and in areas of permanent humidity.

The drying time of approx. 1 - 3 hours depends on the absorption capacity of the soil and the site conditions. High temperatures with low relative humidity shorten the drying time and low temperatures with high relative humidity lengthen the drying time.

GISCODE: D1 = no solvents

EMICODE: EC1 = very low in emissions

Packaging: Buckets of 5 kg net.

Storage: About 12 months, in non-freezing places and in its original closed container.

Mixing ratio:

1 part ARDEX P52 : 1 part water approx. 150 gr. of ARDEX P52/m 2

Mixing ratio: 

1 part ARDEX P52 : 3 parts water approx. 50 gr. ARDEX P52/m 2

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