panDOMO® EP - Epoxy primer without solvents

Epoxy primer paint for pandomo systems. Two-component, solvent-free, high penetration and low viscosity. Highly resistant to mechanical loads and easy to apply.

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Product description:

PANDOMO® EP is a solvent-free two-component multi-purpose epoxy primer.

The 10 kg set consists of 7.725 kg resin (component A) and 2.275 kg hardener (component B).

Preparation of the substrate:

The substrate must be hard, solid and free of dust or other loose particles such as paint, lime residues, mortar, plaster, adhesive residues, etc., which may impair adhesion to the substrate.

Before mechanical preparation, varnish, wax, grease, oil and similar contaminants must be removed. Contaminated concrete surfaces must be mechanically treated by sanding, shot blasting or sandblasting, followed by vacuuming.

PANDOMO® K2 should be used as a primer underneath:

After pre-levelling with PANDOMO® K1, depending on climate and layer thickness, it can be applied after 1-3 days.

On cement-sand screeds and concrete substrates the primer can be applied with a moisture content below 2% and on anhydrite screeds below 0.5%.


The individual components of PANDOMO® EP must be stirred before mixing.

The hardening agent (component B) is added to the resin (component A) and stirred with a spiral rod at slow speed until a uniform consistency is obtained. It is very important that the resin components are well mixed (this is achieved by stirring for at least 3 minutes). Some of the mixture can be reintroduced into the hardener container to collect any residue that may remain in the container. The mixture that has passed through the hardener container is reintroduced into the mixing container and stirred for a further 30 seconds. This mixing process ensures the consistency of the product and that any resin remaining in any of the containers reacts, facilitating subsequent waste management.

Once mixed PANDOMO® EP will generate a large amount of heat if left in the mixing container causing a sharp decrease in pot-life.

If quantities less than a set are required it must be ensured that the mixing ratios are maintained.


Application shall be carried out by means of a short nap roller in a criss-cross manner (when fresh apply in both directions ensuring correct coverage of the entire surface).

It must be ensured that at least 200 gr/m2 is applied.

ARISIL or PANDOMO® HG must be sprinkled over the fresh primer according to the needs of each system.

PANDOMO® EP cannot be applied at temperatures (ambient and substrate) below +15ºC and above +30ºC or when the ambient humidity exceeds 80%. The temperature must always be 3ºC above the dew point. Higher or lower temperatures will affect the performance of the resin. 

PANDOMO® EP can be applied at +20°C for approx. 40 minutes after mixing. Higher temperatures will shorten the application time and lower temperatures will lengthen the application time.

Tool cleaning:

PANDOMO® EP can be cleaned from tools and equipment immediately after use using a solvent such as ARDEX RTC cleaning solvent. In case the product hardens it can only be removed by mechanical means.

Please note:

After mixing, PANDOMO® EP must be applied immediately without interruption. The end of the pot-life after 40 minutes is not observable. If the product is applied after the pot-life time has elapsed, adhesion defects and reduced strength may occur.

Proper ventilation must be ensured during drying and curing of the primer.

The properties stated in this data sheet are achieved using ARDEX sands. The use of other aggregates may affect the properties of the product.


Spillage of any of the products should be immediately scooped up with sand, vermiculite or other inert material and deposited in a suitable container for disposal.

Waste management of these spills and empty containers should be carried out in accordance with local legislation.

For further information please refer to the Safety Data Sheet.

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