ARDEX P 51 - 10 kg

ARDEX P51 - Sealing primer for porous substrates

Primer for sealing all kinds of porous substrates. Avoid rising bubbles and dehydration of mortars on floors. Solvent free. Inside.

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Field of application:

Adhesive primer and pore sealer with water-repellent action. To fix dust residues on porous cement or anhydrite screeds or on sanded screeds, leaving the substrate primed and ready to receive the self-levelling mortar.

As a bonding bridge on smooth cement substrates, particularly absorbent anhydrite cement screeds and pressed wood slabs that subsequently need to be covered with self-levelling mortar.

Acting as a pore sealant on concrete and cement substrates, ARDEX P51 prevents air bubbles from rising from the substrate to the final applied screed. It also prevents water absorption in subsequent applications.

For priming gypsum, anhydrite and pressed wood substrates, leaving the substrate ready for thin-bed bonding.

As a bonding bridge on smooth concrete for subsequent plastering. For interior use.

Product description:

Solvent-free, white dispersion of synthetic resins which after drying prevents water penetration.


The substrate must be resistant, dry and free of dust and loose particles. The table below shows the different types of substrates, the most suitable primer and the water ratio, in case of dilution of the ARDEX

If ARDEX P51 is to be thinned.


As a primer on pressed wood panels approx. 300gr ARDEX P51 undiluted/m2.

As a primer on non-porous, smooth substrates approx. 200gr undiluted, which is 300gr 1:1/2 ARDEX P51 diluted with water/m2.

As a pore sealer for concrete and cement screeds 150gr concentrated, which is 300gr 1:1 ARDEX P51 diluted with water/m2.

As a primer and sealer 50gr concentrated, which is 200gr 1:3 ARDEX P51 diluted with water/m2.

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