ARDEX R1 - White thin-set renovation mortar

White thin-set mortar for surface renovation, filling cracks, crevices and holes. Adheres on all types of surfaces. Interior. With Ardurapid effect.

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Field of application:

Smoothing and applying on vertical substrates and ceilings for subsequent application of wallpapers, paints, dispersion plasters and any other wall coverings.

Filling cracks, deep holes, cracks, as well as joints in the case of plasterboard and other prefabricated boards.

Sealing joints in precast concrete ceilings.

Interior use.

Product Description:

White powder of special cements and plastic material powders with plasticizing effect.

The powder is mixed with water until an elastic mass is obtained which is easy to grout and can be used for approx. 1/2 hour.

The dry layers have low stresses and are permeable to water vapor.

ARDEX R1 does not promote corrosion.

Substrate preparation:

Substrates of:

  • - Concrete
  • - Cement and lime cement plasters
  • - Gypsum plaster
  • - Walls
  • - Mineral and artificial resin plasters
  • - Gypsum plasterboards
  • - Gypsum boards with fibers
  • - Ceramic tiles and coverings
  • - Wash-resistant dispersion paints
  • - Antique latex colors
  • - Acrylate colors
  • - Acrylic lacquer paints
  • - Fiberglass wallpapers

must be dry, firm, resistant to load and free of dust, dirt and other disintegrating agents.

Old, poorly adhering and poorly bonded paints as well as loose plaster and wallpaper should be removed.

Gypsum substrates should be primed with ARDEX P51 primer, diluted 1:3 with water.

Acrylic lacquer paints, alkyd resin paints, as well as tile coatings, require a thin pre-coat of ARDEX R1 mortar.

After drying of the pre-plaster, after approx. 30 - 60 minutes, the application of the mortar with the desired layer thickness shall be carried out.

Instructions for use:

Pour clear water into a clean mixing container and whisk vigorously. Wait 1 minute and whisk again until a homogeneous and creamy mixture is obtained.

Approx. 12.5 liters of water are required to mix with 25 kg of ARDEX R1 powder.

Only material that can be used for 30 minutes should be prepared.

After a "maturing" time of 1 to 3 minutes and stirring again, the mortar can be used for approx. 30 minutes (20°C) and can be placed immediately with the desired layer thickness, up to a maximum of 10 mm.

After only 15 minutes after application of the product, the subsequent finishing can begin, which can be carried out for approx. 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the absorbency of the substrate and the temperature.

The mortar layer is scraped off by pressing hard with the trowel to achieve a sufficiently smooth surface for most applications. Subsequent smoothing with a slightly moistened sponge can be carried out for approx. 50 minutes to achieve particularly smooth surfaces.

It is also possible to polish the surfaces with a felt pad and then scrape them with the trowel.

Higher temperatures reduce setting times and post-treatment times, lower temperatures lengthen them.

If in doubt, test surfaces.

ARDEX R1 should be used with temperatures above 5°C.


At normal temperature (18°C - 20°C), even thick-bed mortar applications will have dried sufficiently after 1 day to allow for painting or wallpapering and artificial resin plastering.

ARDEX R1 mortar beds should not be waterproofed. In the case of mottled applications, differences in absorption and alkalinity of the substrate must be taken into account in subsequent work.

Recommendations for the use of paints, wallpapers, dispersion plasters and wall coatings should be observed.


Contains cement. Reacts alkaline. Therefore skin and eyes should be protected.

In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water. In case of contact with eyes, additionally consult a doctor.

When set, it is physiologically and ecologically harmless.

GISCODE ZP 1 = product with cement content, low in chromates.

Product Details

Single component
Wall and ceiling
Drying time
Fast - Ardurapid effect


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