ARDEX WA JUNTA - Epoxy resin mortar for grouting tiles

Epoxy resin grout for grouting tiles. Epoxy grout for sealing joints from 2 to 15 mm. Highly resistant to chemical attack. Very easy to clean. For floors and walls. Complies with EN 13888 RG.

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Epoxy resin mortar for grouting tiles. Epoxy grout for sealing joints from 2 to 15 mm. Highly resistant to chemical attack. Very easy to clean. For floors and walls. Complies with EN 13888 RG.

Field of application:

For grouting tiles or racholas in interiors and exteriors. Grouting of ceramic joints in walls and floors.

Sealing of tiles, slabs, bricks and mosaics that have to withstand special conditions that cement-based mortars cannot tolerate or are unstable. For example in slaughterhouses, dairies, industrial kitchens, breweries, storage rooms, swimming pools and spas, showers, toilets, sales rooms, sports and leisure buildings, as well as other areas where high pressure chemical or mechanical loads are present.

For joint widths of 2- 15 mm.


Borada or two-component epoxy resin sealant mortar which is composed of a resin and a hardener. The 4 kg unit includes 3 kg of resin paste and 1 kg of hardener paste. hardener paste. 

After hardening, ARDEX WA is resistant to water, freezing and weather influences and shows excellent strength and adhesion on the tile flanks. 

Load-bearing capacity:

ARDEX WA can already be walked on after 12 hours of hardening (18°C- 20°C and after 24 hours it can withstand mechanical loads.

Resistance to chemicals:

After grouting and after hardening, ARDEX WA is resistant to salt water and alkalis as well as a number of organic acids and mineral compounds. See resistance to to chemicals in the Technical Data. For special applications, please contact us.

The smooth, airtight and colourfast sealing surface is insensitive to dirt and resistant to household or swimming pool detergents. ARDEX WA white may show a slight tendency to yellow.

In case of contact with strongly coloured substances such as coffee, tea, fruit juices and others, colour changes cannot be excluded.

Resistance to chemicals is reached after approximately 7 days (18°C- 20°C).

Instructions for use:

The base paste and hardener components in the containers are already proportionally distributed according to the required quantities of each and are mixed vigorously by means of a suitable stirrer (e.g. a spiral stirrer) until a homogeneous and uniform mortar is obtained. 

ARDEX WA can be used at temperatures of 18-20°C for approx. 80 minutes. At lower temperatures, the working time is extended and at higher temperatures the working time is reduced.

ARDEX WA is penetrated into the dry joints with a joint spatula, plastic or rubber trowel and the excess is removed cleanly. The excess

The excess material should be removed with a water-based ScotchBrite or a hard sponge, always within the application time of approx. 80 minutes, and then carefully removed with a sponge.

This also smoothes the joint. Residual film on the tiles should be avoided.

To avoid a reduction of the working time due to spontaneous heating, we recommend applying the ARDEX WA mortar to the surface in a continuous working cycle immediately after mixing. immediately after mixing. 

In case of doubt, carry out a test beforehand.

Use as an adhesive:

ARDEX WA tile grout is also suitable for bonding glass and porcelain mosaics on wall and floor surfaces, as well as for tiling ceramic tiles, tiles, etc. on floors. Tiling on walls is not possible due to its thin consistency (stability).

When used as an adhesive, ARDEX WA meets the requirements of DIN EN 12004.


Structured tiles and tiles with porous surfaces may show residual veiling after joint sealing. Test on an inconspicuous surface and observe manufacturers' warnings.

Surplus material should not be collected with hot water. 

No thinners, solvents or water should be used to adjust the consistency of the mortar. 

ARDEX WA must not be used at temperatures below 10° C and above 30° C. Work tools should be cleaned with water and a brush before the mortar hardens.

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Epoxy joints
Indoor and outdoor
Epoxy resin
Floor and wall
Normative UNE
UNE 13888 RG
Marked CE
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ISO 9001 - LLoyds Register Quality Assurance Limited


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