ARDEX 9 - 5 kg

ARDEX 9 - Powder component for waterproofing membranes

Solvent-free, flexible, two-component waterproofing membrane. Can be applied by trowel or roller. Recoatable after 2h. Exterior and interior. Mixing ratio Ardex 8 : Ardex 9 consistency at roller 1:1 consistency at trowel 1:1,5

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ISO 9001

Field of application:

For interiors

Waterproofing of walls and floors to be covered with any type of ceramic tile, formation of joints in corners, half-rounds and integration of pipes and drains in bathrooms.

Levelling and great capacity to fill irregularities and cracks in the substrate.

Under the tiles, it is perfectly resistant to the aggression of areas in permanent contact with water, such as in showers, bathrooms, shower areas above bathtubs and sanitary rooms in public and industrial areas with drains.

For exteriors

On terraces and balconies, it waterproofs and protects the substrate from moisture and efflorescence, provided that Ardex 8+9 is coated with ceramic tiles or a paint finish.

Suitable substrates are cement and concrete screeds.

It does not replace bituminous and asphalt membranes according to DIN 18 195.

Product description:

ARDEX 8 + 9 is a two-component assembly: ARDEX 8, an acrylate dispersion, solvent-free and with a specific weight of approx. 1.0 kg/l and ARDEX 9, a cement-based powder with a specific weight of approx. 1.2 kg/l. Both components are mixed together in a 1:1 ratio.

Once dry, the ARDEX 8 + 9 waterproofing membrane is watertight and highly mouldable.

It does not colour cementitious mortars applied for sealing the joints of ceramic tiles.

Preparation of the substrate:

The subfloor must be dry, firm, load-bearing and free of loose particles.

Chipboard floors must be suitable for ceramic tile installation.

The chipboards must meet the V 100 C quality requirements and be of sufficient thickness, be fitted with plugs and sockets and fixed in a torsion-proof manner.

Gypsum plaster must be firm, dry, with a minimum layer of 10 mm, free of felt and level.

Moisture ingress from the subfloor, e.g. through an external wall, must be excluded. With regard to this point, the site conditions must be checked before applying the waterproofing measures.

Preparation of the mixture:

ARDEX 8 + 9 can be applied by trowel or roller.

As a general rule, it should first be mixed to a filler consistency suitable for trowelling, so that the formation of corner joints, wall joints, etc. can also be carried out. The mixing ratio is 1:1.5 (ARDEX 8 : ARDEX 9).

To prepare the roller consistency, the remaining ARDEX 8 is added.

The mixing ratio is: 1:1 (ARDEX 8 : ARDEX 9).

Directions for use:

Only the quantity that can be used within 45 minutes should be prepared.

Once the membrane has set, it cannot be further diluted with ARDEX 8.

With the trowel consistency mixture, ARDEX 8 + 9 can be used to form corner joints,

Half-grout joints, filling holes and cracks and levelling out irregularities can be done with ARDEX 8 + 9.

We recommend using ARDEX SK 12 waterproofing tape for joints with the highest risk of cracking, edge joints, expansion joints and perforations.

Gullies, corners and other singular points should be reinforced with the ARDEX SK range of geotextiles, specific for each of them (see technical data sheet).

Fibreglass mesh (ADIMESH 21) can be used as general reinforcement for the entire surface.

The first layer is applied to the entire surface of the wall and floor. In case of very rough substrates, spread according to the application consistency with a trowel.

The second coat can be applied after approx. 1 hour.

This second coat of Ardex 8 + 9 must completely cover the waterproof strips and glass mesh and be incorporated into the waterproof membrane.

At least two coats with a minimum total thickness of 0.8 mm are required to achieve a watertight protective membrane. When applied to a trowelable consistency, this layer should be a minimum of 2 mm.

High temperatures shorten the drying time and low temperatures lengthen the drying time.

ARDEX 8 + 9 should be used at temperatures above +5°C and below +30°C.

Laying ceramic tiles:

Tiling over ARDEX 8 + 9 can be carried out approx. two hours after application.

The entire range of ARDEX adhesives is suitable for laying ceramic tiles or marble after waterproofing work with ARDEX 8 + 9. In each case, the instructions for use and field of application specified in the technical data sheets must be observed.


Ardex 9: contains cement.

The materials of the mixture react alkaline, which irritates eyes and skin. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water and consult a doctor.

When set, the mixture is physiologically and ecologically harmless.

Technical data

(based on tests carried out in our laboratory in accordance with current regulations).

Mixing ratio:

With consistency for roller application: 20 kg ARDEX 8 : 20 kg ARDEX 9 (1:1)

Consistency for trowel application: 14 kg ARDEX 8 : 20 kg ARDEX 9 (1:1.5)

Mortar density when fresh:

With roller consistency: approx. 1.3 kg/litre.

With consistency for trowelling: approx. 1.4 kg/litre.


With consistency for roller application (2 coats):

Approx. 0.75 powder + 0.75 dispersion.

Approx. 1,5 kg mixture/m2

Consistency for trowel application (for 2 mm layer):

Approx. 1.6 kg powder + 1.2 kg dispersion.

Approx. 2.8 kg mixture/m2

Working time (20°C): Approx. 3/4 hour.

Workability (20°C): Approx. 2 hours.

Hazardous material classification: No

GISCODE: ZP 1 (dust).

D1 (dispersion).


ARDEX 8: in 5 and 20 kg cans.

ARDEX 9: in 5 and 20 kg sacks

Storage: Approx. 12 months in dry place in closed original container.

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