ARDEX ADI200 - Natural Stone Cleaner

Natural stone cleaner with strong disinfectant, bactericidal and algaecide action. For cleaning natural and artificial stone, facades, etc. Solvent-free. Exterior and interior.

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Field of application:

  • Cleaning natural stone
  • On facades, building sites and especially in restoration work.
  • For cleaning surfaces attacked by salts, algae, mosses and frequent stains on cement and all types of natural and artificial stone.
  • For cleaning and elimination of salt blooms, frequent on most construction materials, which are the main cause of their degradation.
  • On supports such as: stone, mortar, cement, brick and wood.


Great cleaning and disinfecting power, with a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors.

Strong bactericidal and algaecide action.

High capacity to destroy usual colonies of microorganisms.

Chlorine and formaldehyde free. Water-based, solvent-free. Ecological and biodegradable.

Instructions for use:

It can be applied from its pure state to its 1:10 dilution in water, according to the needs of each surface.

ADI-200 cleaner is applied from the upper area with sprays or brush, insisting on the places where a reaction is observed. Leave to act for a few minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

In the food industry and for the elimination of moulds and microorganisms, ADI-200 cleaner can be applied pure or diluted (maximum dilution of 1:4 in water).

The average coverage is 6-10 m2/l pure.

The yield will depend on the state of the substrate and the chosen dilution: 4-20 m2/l.


Wear protective gloves and goggles. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.

For further information see safety data sheet

Technical data:

  • Yield: Approx. 6-10 m2.
  • Coverage: Approx. 6-10 m2/l pure.
  • Density: Approx. 1,04 g/cm3
  • pH-value: Approx. 1,5
  • Packaging: 10 litres.
  • Storage: 2 years in original, unopened container. Keep in a cool but frost-free place.

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