ARDEX EB2 - Fast cement for high-strength screeds

Rapid cement for high-strength screeds, fast setting and high initial and final resistance. Exterior and interior. Walkable after 3 hours. Exterior and interior.

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Field of application:

Rapid cement for screeds. Repair of concrete and mortars. Use on degraded floors and replacement of screeds in poor condition.

The applications are valid, according to the established in the norms DIN 18353 (works in protective layers) and DIN 18560 (Protective layers in the construction).

ARDEX EB2 Cement meets the strengths of the PZ 35 F types for rapid tile installation in walls and floors and for the construction of concrete slabs.

For interior and exterior work.


To obtain mortars with ARDEX EB2 Cement, mix the mortar in the mixer intended for this purpose.

Mortar 1:5 - Mixing ratio (by weight)

50 kg. of ARDEX EB2 = 2 sacks

250 kg. of 0 to 8 mm sand = 38 shovelfuls approx. 25 liters of water approx. depending on the humidity of the sand.

Mortar 1:4 - Mixing ratio (by weight)

50 kg. of ARDEX EB2 = 2 sacks

200 kg. of 0 to 8 mm sand = 30 shovelfuls approx. 22 liters of water approx. depending on the humidity of the sand.

Mortar 1:3 - Mixing ratio (by weight)

50 kg. of ARDEX EB2 = 2 sacks

150 kg. of sand 0 to 8 mm = 22-23 shovelfuls approx. 19 liters of water approx. depending on the humidity of the sand.

Avoid excess water. Make sure the consistency is between dry and plastic.

Do not use additives.

Do not mix with other types of cement.

The time of workability is 45 minutes at a temperature of 20°C. A higher temperature shortens the working time and conversely a drop in temperature below 20°C will increase the working time.

Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C.

The operations of mixing, application and equalization of the mortar should be carried out successively.

Expansion or structural joints in the substrate must be respected. To improve adherence on deteriorated substrates, apply a mixture of ARDEX EB2 cement together with 0-4mm sand and mix with our product ARDEX E100 acrylic resin in dispersion in a ratio of 1:1 parts resin-cement-sand-water.

This mixture will be applied with enough thickness on the deteriorated support and being still fresh this mixture, we will proceed to the placement of the final mortar.

Covering the mortar with plastic after its application improves its final resistance.

If a high wear-resistant finish is required, the ARDEX EB2 cement (1 vol.) should be mixed with Quartz-Carburundum, etc. (2 vol.).

Laying of coatings:

Screeds made with ARDEX EB2 cement can be walked on after 3 hours and can support significant loads the following day.

A coating may be placed on top of such mortar as soon as it has 2% humidity.


Contains cement irritating to eyes and hands. Avoid contact. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor. Wear suitable protective gloves.

After setting and drying, it is a physiologically and ecologically neutral product.

GISCODE ZP1= Product based on chromate-poor cement.

Technical Data

  • Mixing ratio: Depends on the type of mortar, ranging from 150 to 250 kg. of sand per 50 kg. of ARDEX EB2 cement and from 19 to 25 liters of water according to different dosages of sand and its humidity.
  • Density: Approx. 1.1 kg/liter.
  • Density of mortar when fresh: Approx. 2.2 kg./liter.
  • Yield: 
  • Mixing ratio 1:5 parts by weight approx. 3.4 kg powder per m2 and cm thickness.
  • Mixing ratio 1:4 parts by weight approx. 4 kg powder per m2 and cm thickness.
  • Mixing ratio 1:3 parts by weight approx. 5 kg. of powder per m2 and cm. thick.
  • Working time (20°C): Approx. 45 minutes.
  • Workability (20°C): Approx. 3 hours.
  • Compressive Strength (N/mm2): According to table in pdf file.
  • Corrosion: None.
  • Packaging: 25 kg bags.
  • Storage: Approx. 12 months in dry places and in its original closed package.

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