ADILATEX - Acrylic resin additive for mortar improvement

Acrylic resin additive for mortar to improve its general performance (adhesion, flexibility). Exterior and interior.

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Acrylic resin additive for mortar that improves its general performance (adhesion, flexibility). Exterior and interior.

Field of application:

Improves the properties of mortars, especially plasticity and adhesion when fresh and flexibility and strength when hardened.

For example in:

  • Repair mortars for screeds or for plastering.
  • To ensure adhesion at the junction of concrete or mortar sheets, on hardened concrete floors (screeds), avoiding the need to repoint the old mortar.
  • As a primer on smooth surfaces, to achieve good adhesion, before applying layers of concrete or mortar or gypsum plaster.
  • For the repair of eroded concrete structures, giving greater consolidation to the substrate before repairing with another mortar.
  • In polymeric hydraulic mortars where conditions of greater flexibility, strength and durability than traditional mortars are required.
  • Eliminates the tendency to dust formation in mortars and concretes.


With the addition of ADILATEX to the mixing water of mortars, the following properties are achieved:

Greater adherence, on mortars or concretes already hardened and on other materials such as brick, wood, iron... etc.

Greater cohesion and plasticity of the mortar or concrete when fresh.

Increased impermeability of the mortar.

Greater mechanical resistance to compression and above all greater flexibility: the mortar or concrete resists vibrations and impacts much more without cracking.

Protects the fresh mortar against rapid water loss; curing is then more uniform and shrinkage cracks do not form.

Greater resistance to carbonation and weathering in general, i.e. greater durability.

Allows working with lower water to cement ratios, thus achieving fluidisation of the mortar and better compressive and abrasive wear resistance.


Depends basically on the type of application:

Adhesive for hydraulic screeds on floors: on cement floor, add in equal parts mixture with water; the mortar should be 1:1 cement: clean river sand, 0-3 mm.

Plastic and polymeric mortars: The percentage of ADILATEX on the cement will be higher the thinner the layer of mortar or putty to be applied:

  • - Layers between 10-20 mm thick: 5%.
  • - Layers between 5-10 mm thick: 10%.
  • - Layers between 1-3 mm thick: 15-20%.

Instructions for use:

The substrate must be clean, free of dust, loose particles, remains of cement, plaster, paint or other dirt that may impair adhesion.

ADILATEX must be previously mixed in the mixing water, homogenising the mixture well, before making the mortar.

It should be taken into account that when using ADILATEX, the total water required for mixing will be somewhat lower, as ADILATEX also has a fluidifying effect.

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