ARDEX CA 20P - Construction and assembly adhesive

Construction and assembly adhesive. Modified silane based. Single component. For bonding and joining skirting boards, finishing blocks, wiring ducts, decorative, acoustic, thermal insulation panels... Sealing and joining metal, wood, ceramic or plastic joints or profiles. Solvent-free. In interiors and exteriors. EC1 very low emission.

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Polymer based on modified silanes, which hardens by reaction with moisture.

Field of application:

For interior and exterior use, walls and floors.

For bonding and joining skirting boards, finishing blocks, wiring ducts, decorative, acoustic or thermal insulation panels, decorative elements, plastic or wooden materials, ceramic tiles and other materials.

For sealing and bonding metal, wood, ceramic or plastic joints or profiles.


Polymer on the basis of modified silanes, which hardens by reaction with moisture.

Substrate preparation:

The substrate must be firm, resistant, free of dust and separating agents and rigid. The substrate may be slightly damp. 

Remains of adhesives, paints, waxes, tar, asphalt, etc. must be removed. must be removed.

To obtain good adhesion on young concrete slabs, it is recommended to prime with Ardex SP 1 primer.


Remove the existing aluminium cap at the bottom of the cartridge, open the protective membrane of the nozzle, place it and trim it to the desired size.

Apply Ardex CA 20 P in strips on the substrate or on the element to be fixed. Press down firmly on the element to be fixed before a skin forms on the adhesive (pot life approx. 7-10 min 20°C).

The distance between several gluing points must not exceed 25-30 cm, and the weight of the element to be fixed must be taken into account.

Ardex CA 20 P must not be applied at temperatures below 5°C and not above 30°C.

The drying time depends on the absorption of the substrate and the element to be fixed. High temperatures and low humidity shorten the open time of the product (before the surface skin forms).

Low temperatures and high humidity lengthen the working time.

It is recommended to ash the cartridges well and to use them as soon as possible.

In case of doubt, tests should be carried out.

General information:

Ardex CA 20 P can be painted with most dispersion and alkyd resin paints after drying.

Due to the wide range of existing paints and coatings, testing is recommended.

For the use of Ardex CA 20 P at low temperatures, it must be tempered.

Product residues, still fresh, can be removed with a clean cloth.

Please observe the recommendations of the manufacturer/supplier.

Technical data

  • Base material: Modified silane polymer
  • Density: Approx. 1.45 Kg/L
  • Consumption: Approx. 30-40 mL per linear m
  • Open time 23°C/50% RH): Approx. 15 min.
  • Application temperature: 5°C-30°C
  • Curing time (23°C/50% RH): 3-4 mm / 24 hours
  • Thermal resistance: -40°C -+90°C. (for short periods, 15-20 min, withstands up to 200°C)
  • Classification ADR, GGVS, VBF: no
  • Emicode: EC 1 R, low emissions
  • Packaging: 310 ml cartridges. 12 x carton.
  • Storage: Can be stored for approx. 18 months, in dry rooms, in original closed containers.

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