ARDEX FG FLEX - Colores estándar - 5 kg

ARDEX G7 Flex - Flexible grout for tile grouting and tiling

Flexible grout for grouting tiles and floor screeds. Used for filling, sealing, grouting or grouting joints from 2 to 15mm. Passable after 90 minutes. Exterior and interior. Colors: Grey, Silver Grey, Cement Grey, Basalt. Complies with EN 13888 CG2 WA. EC1 Very low emissions.

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Flexible grout for grouting tiles and screeds. For filling, sealing, grouting or grouting joints from 2 to 15mm of ceramic, tiles or tiles. Passable after 90 minutes. Exterior and interior. Colors: Gray, Silver Gray, Cement Gray, Basalt. Complies with EN 13888 CG2 WA. EC1 Very low emissions.

  • -For joints from 2 to 15 mm wide.
  • -For grouting ceramic tiles, tiles, terracotta tiles, stoneware and porcelain tiles,
  • -Clinker tiles and moisture resistant natural stone,
  • -Concrete tiles.
  • -Ideal for large surfaces.
  • -Cement based.
  • Non-cracking.
  • -High resistance.
  • -Highly deformable.
  • -Water and dirt repellent.
  • -No cracks.
  • -Fast hardening and putting into service.
  • -Excellent adhesion to the edge of the piece.
  • -For walls and floors.

Available in colors:

  • -Grey
  • -Silver gray
  • -Cement gray
  • -Basalt

Field of application:

For interiors and exteriors. For floors and walls.

For grouting:

  • - earthenware, stoneware and porcelain tiles,
  • - split tiles, annealed bricks,
  • - cement-grouted stone,
  • - natural stone not sensitive to humidity,
  • - elongated medium bricks for façades and annealed bricks
  • - facing and exposed masonry

Once hardened, ARDEX G7 FLEX has water- and dirt-repellent properties that have a positive influence on the appearance, consistency and preservation of the coatings.

The high degree of flexibility and high adhesion lead to a reduction of stresses when it comes to surfaces exposed to thermal loads outdoors and on underfloor heating and make an essential contribution to the safety of the coatings.

Product description:

Powder based on fast-setting cements, filler material as well as additives with flexibilizing effects.

Kneaded with water originates a flexible, creamy mortar, easily workable and long cleaning time.

Instructions for use:

Pour clear water into a mixing container and mix ARDEX G7 FLEX until a lump-free, homogeneous, pasty mortar is obtained.

Mixing ratio:

12.5 kg ARDEX G7 FLEX: approx. 2.4 liters of water.

The joint mortar is usable for about 45 minutes (at 20°C). Higher temperatures reduce the working time and lower temperatures extend the working time.

Using a rubber trowel, it is easy to introduce the mortar into the joints. In the same working process, deeper joints can also be filled without leaving voids. On floor surfaces, the mortar can be introduced by means of a rubber trowel.

Once the joint mortar is dry, the grouted surfaces can be cleaned with a damp sponge or a trowel with a scouring pad. If the grout has been deposited and dried on the tiles, the surface is first rinsed with water and a sponge and then thoroughly washed until clean. The residual mortar veils, which are only visible after drying, are then removed with a sponge.

ARDEX G7 FLEX joint paste should not be used at temperatures above 5°C and below +30°C.

In case of doubt carry out a preliminary test.


When grouting porous or matt enameled parts, mortar residues may stick. It is essential to make tests on these tiles.

In case of treatment with acids, wash the joints before. The use of acids should be avoided since their use can cause discolorations, it is recommended to use neutral or slightly alkaline detergents.

The humidity of the support and the different capacity of absorption of the edges of the pieces can bring as consequence a variation of color in the joints.

In spas and swimming pools it is advisable to apply ARDEX WA or ARDEX EG8, joint mortars with epoxy resin, resistant to chemical attacks and aggressive cleaning.

For interior marble joints, ARDEX MG, which prevents discoloration, is recommended. 

Despite preventive protection against mold and mildew, regular cleaning and maintenance of the joints cannot be dispensed with.


Contains cement, irritates eyes and skin. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with clean water and consult a doctor.

Use suitable gloves.

Once dry has no physiological or ecological effects.

GISCODE ZP 1 = Product containing chromate-poor cement.

Product Details

Cementitious Joints
Indoor and outdoor
Single component
Floor and wall
Normative UNE
UNE 13888 CG2
Drying time
EC1 Plus


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