INTERCOLL PU 272 - Artificial turf adhesive

INTERCOLL PU 272 - Artificial turf adhesive

Green two-component polyurethane adhesive for the installation of artificial turf on: polyester tape, absorbent and non-absorbent substrates, wet, but superficially dry draining substrates.

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Field of application

Two-component polyurethane adhesive, green coloured, for the installation of artificial turf on:

  • -polyester tape.
  • -Absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.
  • -damp absorbent substrates, but superficially dry.

For outdoor use.

Technical data

  • Raw material base: Polyurethane
  • Mixing ratio: 10.7 parts by weight of component A + 1 part by weight of component B.
  • Airing time: None
  • Open time: Approx. 90 minutes
  • Pot-life: Approx. 80 minutes
  • Curing time: Approx. 24 hours
  • Application temperature: From +10°C to +35°C
  • Cleaning agent: Wakol RT 5960 Wipes before the adhesive hardens
  • Storage: 12 months at room temperature
  • GISCODE: Not applicable
  • Application and consumption: TBK B3: 850-1050 g/m2 Complete surface or in the bonding area (completely covering the polyester tape)

Substrate preparation

The substrate, with drainage capacity, must be suitable for the intended use and must be flat and solid, free of cracks, dirt and other substances that impede adhesion. The substrate and the coating must be superficially dry.


ARDEX AF 495 adhesive must be properly tempered before use. The hardening agent (component B), which is green in colour, is added to the resin (component A) and stirred together with a drill fitted with a stirrer at a slow speed (300-600 rpm) until a uniform consistency and colour is obtained.

It is very important that the components are well mixed (this is achieved by stirring for at least 3 minutes).  Some of the mixture can be reintroduced into the hardener container to collect any residue that may remain in the container.

Apply the adhesive evenly with a notched trowel, avoiding build-up of adhesive. Place the coating on the wet adhesive and press it down firmly with weights until it hardens.  Ensure that the back of the siding is sufficiently wetted with adhesive.

Installed areas should not be walked on for the first 4-6 hours.

After 24-48 hours, after the adhesive has been applied, the adhesive reaches its maximum adhesive strength and the flooring can be fully loaded.

Clean tools with WAKOL RT 5960 wiping cloths immediately after use. Once hardened, the INTERCOLL PU 272 artificial turf adhesive can only be removed mechanically.


Do not apply the adhesive at a substrate temperature of less than +15°C or ambient temperature of less than +18°C.

At the same time, it is recommended that the Relative Humidity at the time of installation is between 40% and 65% and never higher than 75%. All information given in this Technical Data Sheet refers to temperature conditions of approx. +20°C and 50% Relative Humidity.

In cold weather, heat the material as long as necessary in a warm room, as otherwise correct miscibility cannot be ensured.

We ensure the uniformly high quality of our products. All data are based on tests and many years of practical experience and refer to standardised conditions. The wide variety of materials used and the different application conditions, which are not under our control, rule out any claims based on these data. Therefore, we recommend sufficient pre-testing on site. The coating manufacturer's instructions should be followed and the currently applicable standards and codes of practice should be taken into account. Wakol will gladly provide technical assistance if required.

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