PROTECER W120 - 5 lt

PROTECER W120 - Polysiloxane water-based water-based emulsion water repellent

Colourless, water-based polysiloxane water repellent in aqueous emulsion for the protection of porous surfaces. Breathable. Resistant to alkaline pH. Non-yellowing. Does not alter colour or original appearance.

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Colourless water-based water repellent for the protection of porous surfaces. Breathable. Resistant to alkaline pH. Non-yellowing. Does not alter colour or original appearance.

Field of application:

PROTECER W-120 is generally used to protect absorbent supports such as brick, ceramics, joints, natural stone, concrete, mineral plaster, ... from water stains, efflorescence and saltpetre, enhancing their appearance and facilitating their maintenance.

For example:

  • - Treatment of absorbent ceramic pieces: stoneware, terracotta,...
  • - Treatment of brick facades, natural stone or other porous materials.


PROTECER W-120 is an emulsion of polysiloxanes in water with high penetration and water-repellent power.

Surface preparation:

The surfaces to be treated must be well dry, clean, free of dust, grease, remains of waxes, moss and algae, etc.

To clean the surfaces, pressurised water cleaning equipment (cold or hot) or chemical methods can be used.

If there is efflorescence, remains of cement or joint sealants, they must be previously removed with the ADI 90 DEINCULATOR. (Do not use in case of acid-sensitive stones).

Algae and mosses can be removed with ADI 200 CLEANER. Dirt, grease and pollution can be treated with ADI 100 CLEANER.

Window and door panes or other sensitive materials must be protected against splashes.

Mortars and concretes must have passed a minimum "curing" period of 4 weeks before proceeding with waterproofing.

Instructions for use:

PROTECER W-120 can be applied by spray or roller.

Spray: (Highly recommended for large surfaces).

You can use an airless machine or a "sulphating machine".

To avoid breaking the emulsion, work at low pressure (if the nozzle is removed, a low pressure is easily achieved). The application shall be carried out starting from the top of the wall so that the liquid wets a surface of about 20 to 30 cm below the point of application.

Waterproofing shall be carried out in at least 2 coats by wet-on-wet application (only less porous surfaces will require a single coat).


On smaller surfaces it may be advisable to use a roller to apply the water repellent.

Use a medium nap or anti-drop roller and apply water repellent in at least 2 coats wet-on-wet.

It must be ensured that the entire surface is perfectly impregnated to achieve an optimum result.

Technical data:

  • Appearance: Milky
  • Density: Approx. 1.0 g/cm3
  • Colour: White
  • Viscosity (Ford 4 cup): 15 sec.
  • Coverage: Depending on the porosity of the substrate between 150 and 400 gr/m2.
  • Packaging: 5 and 25 litres.

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