PROTECER I-10 - 5 lt

PROTECER I10 - Waterproofing sealant for ceramics, mortar and stone

General purpose waterproofing sealer to protect ceramic pieces and joints of all types of bricks, natural stone, especially marble and granite, from stains, efflorescence and saltpetre, enhancing their appearance and facilitating their maintenance.

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Waterproofing, water-repellent and oil-repellent sealant:

  • - For ceramics, porous mortars and natural stone, especially marble and granite.
  • - Protects against water, grease, oil and efflorescence stains.
  • - Facilitates maintenance and cleaning
  • - Breathable
  • - Can slightly raise the shade of the substrate

Field of application:

PROTECER I-10 is generally used to protect ceramic tiles and joints of all types, bricks and natural stones, from stains, efflorescence and saltpetre, enhancing their appearance and facilitating their maintenance.

For example:

  • - Treatment of absorbent ceramic pieces: stoneware, terracotta...
  • - Protection of ceramic coverings in kitchens and other rooms.
  • - Treatment of natural stone facades, bricks and other porous materials.
  • - Protection of cement or concrete floors, stone, tiles...etc.

Protects treated pieces from stains, salt, humidity, dust... etc. that cannot penetrate the ceramic and are therefore easily removed.

Prevents the appearance of efflorescence on ceramic surfaces and joints.

Does not modify the original texture and colour of the substrate.

Resistant to detergents and domestic cleaning products.

Resistant to abrasion and ageing.

Instructions for use:

The surfaces to be treated must be well dry and carefully cleaned, free of dust, grease, traces of waxes... etc. 

If there is efflorescence, remains of cements or joint sealants, they must be previously eliminated with our special product DESINCRUSTADOR ADI 90.

PROTECER I-10 can be applied with a clean, lint-free chamois or cloth, or with a brush or paintbrush, uniformly over the entire surface, avoiding accumulations of product in some areas, as these would be noticeable after drying.

On excessively porous surfaces it is advisable to repeat the treatment to obtain better results; the first coat should be left to dry for a few hours before applying another one.

PROTECER I-10 can also be applied by spray or nebuliser systems in automated treatments (ceramic industries).

Working tools, clothes, gloves... etc. impregnated with PROTECER I-10 must be cleaned at the end of the work, with aromatic solvents or others normally used for varnishes.

Technical data

(based on tests carried out in our laboratory according to current regulations)

  • Appearance: Clear, almost colourless liquid.
  • Density: 0,84 g/cm3.
  • Viscosity: 10-20 cps.
  • Application temperature: 5-30° C.
  • Resistance to humidity, oils and grease: Very good.
  • Resistance to ageing: Very good.
  • Non-toxic but flammable product.
  • PROTECER I-10 contains low boiling point solvents.
  • It is flammable and should be applied in well-ventilated or ventilated premises and kept out of reach of flames or intense sources of heat.

Pack size:

2, 5 and 25 litre containers.


Maximum of 1 year stored in original containers, well closed and protected from the weather.

closed and sheltered from the weather.

It should not be placed near flames or heat sources.


The consumption of PROTECER I-10 depends basically on the porosity of the parts to be treated, the intensity of the desired treatment and the application system.

As a guideline it can be indicated between 100-200 g/m2 for the first coat applied; for subsequent coats 50-100 g/m2.

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