ADI90 - Cleaner, descaler for cement and concrete remains

Natural stone cleaner with strong disinfectant, bactericidal and algaecide action. For cleaning natural and artificial stone, facades, etc. Solvent-free. Exterior and interior.

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Cleaning agent for cement residues, residues and efflorescence in general. Exterior and interior. For cleaning cement, mortar and concrete residues.


  • Cleaning of concrete, mortar and cement residues.
  • Removal of residues from tiling and ceramic flooring.
  • Cleaning of non-limestone, ceramic and brick walls and façades.
  • DESINCRUSTADOR ADI-90 should not be applied on marble, aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel.


High cleaning power.

Impregnates and penetrates easily into the crusts of residues, breaking them up and dissolving them easily.

Practically does not attack iron surfaces, thanks to the action of the passivating surfactants in its formulation.

Easy elimination of the remaining product, once its cleaning function has been fulfilled; just rinse with abundant water.

Instructions for use:

Depending on the residues to be removed, DESINCRUSTADOR ADI-90 can be applied in concentrated form, or by diluting it 50% with water, or even, in cases where the attack should be light, by mixing 1 part of DESINCRUSTADOR ADI-90 with 3 parts of water.

To clean residues on large parts, apply DESINCRUSTADOR ADI-90 with a synthetic hair brush (plastic), making sure it is well soaked to favour the attack. In any case, after the dissolution of the residues and dirt, rinse with plenty of water to remove the residual ADI-90 DECOALER.

NOTE: When it is a question of eliminating salts or efflorescence on facing brick:

1st Wet the substrate and then apply the DESINCRUSTADOR ADI-90. Then proceed to a thorough cleaning with water.

2º If the brick is to be waterproofed, this should be done with our product PROTECER I-10 (See Technical Data Sheet).


Maximum time of 1 year in well closed containers and sheltered from the weather.


Due to its corrosive nature, it is advisable to take due precautions when working with ADI-90 DECOALER: use gloves and avoid direct contact with the skin.

Given the acid effect of the product and in case of contact with sensitive areas of the body: eyes, nostrils, etc., wash with plenty of water and soap if necessary. In case of ingestion, seek medical advice immediately.

Vapours given off by the product may corrode nearby metals, always apply in well-ventilated places and avoid the presence of metal elements.

Technical data:

  • Solubility in water: Total
  • Density: Approx. 1,10 g/cm3
  • Viscosity: 5 cPs
  • Appearance: Yellowish liquid.

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