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SEIREPOX TOP PLUS - Colorless multipurpose resin

Seirepox TOP PLUS is a transparent epoxy resin and solvent, such as multipurpose primer, binder for mortar, undercoat, intermediate layer, regularization and sealing layer.

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SEIREPOX TOP PLUS is a clear, solvent-free epoxy resin for multiple uses such as primer, mortar binder, base coat, intermediate coat, levelling coat and sealer coat in multilayer coatings with quartz sands or colored aggregates.After hardening, SEIREPOX TOP PLUS is resistant to water, chemicals, frost and weathering.

For applications where resistance to UV light is key, SEIREPOX TOP COAT FUV should be added on site.


  • Solvent-free.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Hardens without shrinkage.
  • Excellent workability.
  • Applicable as primer, mortar and multilayer.
  • Can be mixed and/or dusted with sand.
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Interior and exterior use.



  • As a Primer --> 0.3 Kg/m².
  • As a Mortar 1:6 --> 2.0 Kg/m²/mm
  • As Multilayer --> 0.5 - 0.6 Kg/m² per coat.

Field of application:

  • Priming coat on dry substrates for multilayer screeds and mortars.
  • Multilayer pavements
  • Decorative pavements with colored aggregate
  • Paving with compact technique
  • Synthetic mortars
  • Applicable in warehouses, parking lots, hangars, industrial floors, workshops, production and processing areas, soft drink and bottling factories, breweries, kitchens, etc.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.

Substrate preparation:

The substrate must be level, dry (maximum 4% humidity), hard, solid and free of laitance, grease, dust or other loose particles such as paint, traces of lime, mortar, plaster, adhesive residues, etc., which may impair adhesion.Before mechanical preparation, traces of varnish, waxes, grease, oils and similar contaminating substances must be removed.

The preparation of the support must be carried out with specialized machinery; sanding, diamond or shot blasting machine using one or the other according to the state of the support. Subsequently, the surface should be vacuumed.

Any joints or cracks in the concrete support where differential movement is foreseen (e.g. expansion joints), should be respected and suitably sealed.The support should have a tensile strength greater than 1.5 N/mm2.


Substrates must be primed with SEIREPOX TOP PLUS or the primer from our range that best suits the substrate and application conditions.

Do not allow the primer to dry longer than indicated in the corresponding technical data sheet.    Otherwise it will be necessary to sand and prime again.

For multilayer systems the primer can be mixed with 0.4mm aggregate in a 1:0.3-0.5 ratio to be applied with a smooth trowel or rubber lip and then combed with a roller.  This primer coat should be dusted to saturation with 0.6mm size aggregate or SEIRECUARZO COLOR.

Prior to application of the next coat the sandblasted surface should be swept and vacuumed to remove unbonded aggregate.


After mixing the two components of SEIREPOX TOP PLUS, use it immediately. During the final pot-life period of the mixture and due to its strong reactivity, a heat build-up will develop causing a sharp decrease in Pot-Life.  The greater the amount of resin remaining in the container, the higher the heat will be.

In these cases (high temperature) do not touch the can. If fumes are generated, put the lid on without closing it and holding it by the handle, place it in a cold and well ventilated place or outside to avoid the accumulation of gases.

Keep in mind that higher temperatures shorten the time of use and lower temperatures lengthen it.

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