ARDEX PU30 - Imprimación de poliuretano monocomponente

ARDEX PU30 - Single-component polyurethane primer

One-component polyurethane primer, solvent-free and low emission. Due to the reaction with ambient humidity a dry and hard film is obtained.

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EC1 Plus

  • Blocking excessive residual moisture in cement and sand screeds up to max. 4 CM-%.
  • cement and sand screeds up to max. 4 CM-%.
  • Priming of moisture sensitive substrates.
  • Consolidation of absorbent substrates.
  • Priming of old and new substrates.
  • Fast priming together with ARDEX reaction adhesives.
  • Can be worked after 1 hour.
  • Ready to use.
  • Low viscosity.
  • High penetration capacity.
  • Multipurpose.
  • Easy application.
  • Low emissions.
  • Water and solvent free.


100-150 g/m² in one coat as a primer.

250-300 g/m² as vapor barrier.

Pot life: Approx. 60 minutes.

Workability: Approx. 40-50 minutes.

Drying time: Approx. 1 hour as primer and 2 hours with aggregate saturation.

Field of application:

  • - Interior and exterior, floors.
  • - Multi-purpose reactive polyurethane-based primer. As a primer, moisture barrier and consolidation of smooth and dense substrates.
  • - Blocking excessive residual moisture in cement and sand screeds up to max. 4 CM-%.
  • - Priming of old and new moisture sensitive substrates.
  • - Consolidation of absorbent substrates.
  • - Rapid priming in conjunction with ARDEX reaction adhesives.
  • - Vapor barrier on screeds with underfloor heating up to 3 CM-%.
  • - Primer on absorbent and non-absorbent substrates:
  • - Concrete.
  • - Cement and sand, magnesite or anhydrite screeds.
  • - Asphalt mastic screeds.
  • - Old self-leveling screeds, adhesives for firmly adhered floors, etc.
  • - Moisture sensitive substrates.
  • - Old SMP adhesive residues.
  • - Ceramic tiles and terrazzo floors.


One-component, solvent-free, low-emission polyurethane primer. Due to the reaction with ambient humidity a dry and hard film is achieved.

Substrate preparation:

The substrate and the climatic conditions must meet the requirements arising from DIN 18356 or DIN 18365 as well as, be hard, resistant and free of elements that impede adhesion (dust, waxes, etc.).

Only if there is residual moisture in the substrate should two coats of ARDEX PU30 be applied to act as a moisture barrier. Calcium sulfate screeds should be mechanically treated and vacuumed following the manufacturer's instructions and the good practices applicable in these cases.

Cementitious slurries in concrete, as well as old coatings or poorly adhered adhesive residues should be completely removed.

Existing ceramic or stone should be cleaned with a basic detergent.


Shake ARDEX PU 30 well before use. Pour the product into a clean bucket and apply by means of a short nap roller, the amount of material poured should allow for complete application within 60 minutes. Avoid the formation of puddles as they lengthen the drying time.

Application as a vapor barrier on concrete and cement and sand screeds with residual humidity <4%: The substrate can be dry or damp. ARDEX PU30 should be applied in 2 cross coats. The minimum material coverage should be 250-300 gr/m². The second coat can be applied 60 minutes after the first coat. Each coat should form a thin uniform layer. If a self-leveling mortar is desired, a coat of ARDEX P4 should be applied over the second coat after 60 minutes and no sooner than 24 hours. As an alternative to ARDEX P4, a new coat of ARDEX PU30 sandblasted to saturation with ARISIL can be applied. Excess aggregate should be swept up and vacuumed.

2. Priming and consolidation of substrates:

ARDEX PU 30 should be applied in a thin coat. In general, a single coat will be sufficient. If the substrate is very porous, a second application may be necessary. The quantity to be applied and the depth of penetration of the primer depends on the absorption of the substrate, in case of doubt, make on-site tests. If the product to be applied is a self-leveling mortar, act as in the previous point.

3. Primer prior to ARDEX reactive adhesives:

ARDEX PU 30 shall be applied in thin coat as in the previous point.

After at least 2 hours, but before 24 hours, installation with ARDEX adhesives can be carried out.

Please note:

If permanent humidity or presence of water is expected, ARDEX PU 30 primer cannot be used as ARDEX PU 30 is not a waterproofing product.

In low temperature conditions the product must be warmed up in heated rooms. It cannot be applied at temperatures below +10°C. All values in this Technical Data Sheet refer to a temperature of +20°C and 65% relative humidity. Lower temperatures and higher relative humidity may slow down the curing of the product.

ARDEX PU 30 must be applied in a thin coat avoiding accumulations. ARDEX PU 30 cannot be diluted with water or solvents. ARDEX PU 30 cannot be used on PVC-, CV-, rubber or linoleum type coatings.

Once the can has been opened, it is recommended to use it quickly.

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Bonding Primers and Bridges
Indoor and outdoor
Single component
EC1 Plus


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