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panDOMO TerrazzoBasic - Terrazzo Underlayment

The perfect choice for the production of decorative mineral screeds that are easy to apply and quick to install. PANDOMO TerrazzoBasic represents the most affordable alternative to traditional terrazzo flooring.

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pandomo Terrazzo Micro

pandomo Terrazzo Micro

pandomo Terrazzo Micro

Timeless elegance: terrazzo in its most elementary form.

PanDOMO TerrazzoBasic is the perfect choice for decorative mineral flooring. Easy to apply and quick to install, it can be installed as a floating screed over separating or insulating sheets and as a bonded screed. PanDOMO TerrazzoBasic is based on traditional terrazzo techniques and represents a broad new generation of decorative flooring that can be custom-designed, while retaining its unique character, thanks to the addition of local minerals. PanDOMO TerrazzoBasic is a considerably more economical alternative to traditional terrazzo flooring, with more vivid designs, it represents the perfect solution for designers looking for a creative, sophisticated and elegant product.

Innovation is not a product of coincidence at ARDEX, but a process of continuous development. Constant dialogue with its customers and partners enables the innovation of new products/solutions with which ARDEX offers distinctive advantages to its customers. An example of this is the convincing creative solution developed in close cooperation with the architects of the Plan Forward / Wolff Group for the renovation of the Folkwang Museum in Essen, Germany. The interior designers were looking for a charismatic floor, whose visual appearance would emphasise the exhibition areas. The challenge became the norm and the result of inspired conversations a decision: panDOMO TerrazzoBasic.

It stands by its commitments.

Whether for commercial or domestic use, panDOMO TerrazzoBasic always delivers top quality. Its high strength, durability and stability make it the ideal product for use in public areas with high pedestrian traffic. A low-stress material, which can even be used on floors with underfloor heating.

In contrast to traditional terrazzo flooring, panDOMO TerrazzoBasic is quick and easy to apply, as it is applied using machinery and pumps. Once applied, several layers of aggregate are sprinkled, polished and sealed, all in just four days. panDOMO TerrazzoBasic is therefore exceptionally economical.

Always the right solution.

PanDOMO TerrazzoBasic stands out for its practicality and elegance. A multi-faceted product with its own hallmark, capable of meeting the most demanding expectations, resulting in a wide range of flooring and a multitude of possibilities.

panDOMO TerrazzoBasic.

The concept.

The basis is the innovative development of a very low stress grey matrix with locally sourced mineral aggregate.

This new paving system gives much more vibrant structures than traditional terrazzo.

The matrix.

panDOMO TerrazzoBasic mortar is applied as a bonded (25 mm) or floating (50 mm) screed. It is much easier and faster to apply than conventional terrazzo. It is easy to work with automatic mixers and can be pumped. After installation, the flooring is polished several times and then primed.


The addition of local mineral aggregates gives a distinctive personal touch to the finish of the paving.

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