ARDEX AF 180 - Silane Polymer Adhesive for PVC and Rubber

Adhesive based on modified silane for fixing PVC and rubber. Moisture resistant (suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchens). EC1 very low emission level.

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Product description

Modified silane polymer that hardens by reaction with moisture.

Moisture resistant (suitable for use in bathrooms or kitchens) and temperature resistant (suitable on underfloor heating).

Ready-to-use one-component adhesive.

  • -Solvent and water free
  • -No priming required
  • -Indoor and outdoor
  • -Very environmentally friendly
  • -Moisture resistant
  • -Suitable for heavy loads
  • -Suitable for installation over underfloor heating

Technical Data

Material: Modified silane polymer

Consumption: Approx. 300-580 g/m².

Conditions of use:

Temperature: > +15°C

Ambient humidity (RH): < 75 %.

Airing time: 0-20 minutes

Working time: Approx. 35 minutes

Curing time: 24-48 hours

Cleaning agent: Cleaners containing oils or waxes before drying of the material.

Packaging: 12 kg net drum

Storage: 12 months in original sealed container.

Product Details

Indoor and outdoor
Single component
Drying time
EC1 Plus

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